The bold plans for an all-new United Irish Cultural Center to rise up to 96 feet in height on the site of the existing 35-foot-tall Center at 2700 45th Avenue, between Wawona Street and Sloat Boulevard in the Outer Sunset, have been submitted to Planning.

As designed by Studio BANAA, the modern 125,000-square-foot building would be topped by a sixth floor restaurant and cocktail lounge, both of which would open to a rooftop deck and garden with ocean views.

The conceptual plans for the floors below include library, museum, gallery, classroom and shoppe spaces; a two-level banquet hall and event space; a member’s only aquatic center and gym; office and administrative space for the UICC and Irish Immigration Pastoral Center; a basement garage for 31 cars; and a ground floor pub.

The projected budget for the new building is currently around $60 million, which would need to be raised or contributed.  And yes, the Center was rendered with a placeholder for the proposed redevelopment of the Sloat Garden Center parcel across the street.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by soccermom

    The McSpaceship

    • Posted by Rocket man

      The Starfleetization of San Francisco!

  2. Posted by hmmm

    Shazam! This certainly would become an icon of the outer sunset. I’m skeptical it gets funded though to build this vision.

    • Posted by Lynne Thomas

      I’m sure Bernie Curran (his father, Bernie Sr was an original member of ICC) raised enough money in DBI bribes to fund this. It’s nice that SF DBI will have a new headquarters! Not one bit of housing, affordable or otherwise!

  3. Posted by Parkside

    I give this project a 20% chance of ever getting built. Especially with the $60 million that needs to be raised and contributed.

  4. Posted by unlivablecity

    Wow nice!

  5. Posted by Kento

    It kinda reminds me of one of the malls in Harajuku, Tokyo.

    Hope this gets built!

  6. Posted by L'Urbanista_SF

    It’s like a deconstructed Big Mac box with terrible interiors.

  7. Posted by redseca2

    Based on recent news stories I’m sure they already have the building permit in hand…

  8. Posted by Sunsetgrl

    This looks amazing! Hope this gets built.

  9. Posted by Heidi Anne Ward

    A nice pool and gym? A theater for live music? A museum AND a rooftop bar? What’s not to like? I’m excited about this project!

  10. Posted by Julian Bunton

    This building makes me jealous of the Irish community. Innovative, with a sleek looking design, and packed with amenities. A great addition to the SF skyline. Hope it gets built.

  11. Posted by Mike

    The United Irish Cultural Center has been in existence since the mid 1970’s. This will be a wonderful building for the next generation to enjoy. This is for the entire community not just the Irish; all are welcomed! Wawona Gates has been a godsend to all during COVID. I’m at Wawona Gates every weekend to enjoy festivities! Music, food, drinks! I highly recommend this place!

  12. Posted by JohnnyJumpUp

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a longtime – for this side of the city. Absolutely would love to see this amazing ambitious project built. If anyone can build it the Irish can! They built this city and most every other city in the USA. Fair play – what a bold vision legacy developed by the Irish Center and all their supporters. What a vision for the future. Beautiful. Good luck to you all!

  13. Posted by Robin Morris

    This is such inspirational design. It captures the culture and history of old world Ireland with a modern yet functional building that will be another San Francisco iconic architectural gem serving the community.

  14. Posted by Margaret

    Beautiful building supported by the Mayor of SF London Breed, State elected officials and many more. This will get built and the entire community is welcomed! Wawona Gates has served the public well during COVID. Let’s help build this !

  15. Posted by Kathleen

    What a tremendous legacy to leave for our next generations and our city! So excited about this vision – soon to be a Must see destination for neighbors, family and visitors. Love the concept of merging our existing center with the much needed upgrades the new Center will provide. There is such a positive energy surrounding this project. Just what we need.

  16. Posted by Anne Cassidy Carew

    A beautiful innovative community focused space that will support the west side of the City!

  17. Posted by Moratorium


  18. Posted by Alai

    Heh, looks like this article’s been linked from some booster site. Not that I disagree, but it’s funny to see the normally-cynical comments get flooded with optimism. I do want to see it happen, though!

  19. Posted by Jude

    Beautiful design! Fingers crossed this gets done, it’d make a great addition to the neighborhood.

  20. Posted by Shannon Durkan

    Wow! The Irish Center has been such a special place for my family. The current building is very dated so this is much needed!

  21. Posted by Kathleen

    This would be a great enhancement to the neighborhood and I support community and cultural programming.

  22. Posted by Bobby

    Very nice indeed! Huge support for anyone who can help push (or even nudge) architecture anywhere in the city.

  23. Posted by East of Twin Peaks

    Thankfully it will be built far away on the western edge of the city deep in the fog with a tsunami horn on the roof and the call of the wild across the street. not even the UBER drivers venture out that far. Good Luck!!!

    • Posted by sparky-b

      you can’t Uber to the beach or the zoo. You heard it here first

  24. Posted by Ian Trevelyan

    Could it be uglier? Sheesh, just once could we build something modern and beautiful in SF?

  25. Posted by Kitty Lynch

    This looks just like the building on Van Ness across from the symphony hall. Not sure it would blend in, in the Outer Sunset. It’s huge!!

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