Plans to raze the single-story China Dance School & Theater building on the southeast corner of Clement and 32nd Avenue are in the works. And as proposed, a six-story building could rise up to 64 feet in height upon the 3055 Clement Street site.

The development as envisioned would yield seven condos, a mix of four two-bedrooms and three threes fours, over two new ground floor commercial spaces and a storage room for eight bikes.

And while the site is currently only zoned for development up to 40 feet in height, the project team is planning to invoke San Francisco’s “HOME-SF” program to enable the extra height, as rendered with the adjacent Jim’s Laundry building, the storefront for which has been shuttered, below.

9 thoughts on “Bonus Plans for Building Up Clement Street”
  1. so with the bonus they get 2 extra stories. But they are only making 7 units and they owe 20% affordable. Does the 1.4 round down to 1? If it rounds up to 2 then I’m surprised they aren’t just make the 40 foot building, keeping 7 units but none affordable.

    1. Two of the units, one of the two-bedrooms and one of the fours, would need to be offered at below market rates, but one of the BMR units could be priced to be affordable to a family making up to 130 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI).

      And with the extra height, the top two four-bedroom units would offer views, and premium pricing for 2,800 square feet of salable space, over the surrounding neighborhood and Lincoln Park, from the fifth and sixth floors of the development.

      1. Thanks for the info. That is a good point on the value of the top floors there, they will get downtown views. Wonder how much of a premium you get out there for that.

        1. There wouldn’t be any downtown views, at least not substantively, as the design omits lot line windows from its eastern facade. But there should be panoramic water views, both to the Ocean/Bay (north) and Ocean (west), from the upper floors and roof deck.

          1. Ahh. I was thinking this was on the tee-off side. Then these views won’t be nearly as good. That is a steep hill going west. Just the front toward marin will be good.

  2. The Jim’s Laundry building sold for (only) $940K in 2017. Assuming there aren’t environmental concerns with the laundry, would have been a nice package to get the adjacent sites and make the height more meaningful.

    Obvious comps are across the street at 3032 Clement in the new podium condo building. #202 there, a 3/2 1661sf place sold for $1.76mm ($1,062psf) there this summer, but had parking.

    If the Safeway/Andronico’s ever gets back in business across the intersection, this will be a happy little stretch. Oyaji on the next block is very good.

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