Purchased for $2.75 million in 2005 with approved plans for a 13-story, 41-unit residential building to rise on the site, the two-story commercial building which had occupied the 7,000-square-foot parcel at 651 Geary Street was effectively lost to foreclosure in 2010, subsequently condemned and then demolished in late 2013.

Plans for a denser 13-story residential building to rise on the Lower Nob Hill site were then drawn and approved in 2016, plans which could now yield 54 residential units, half of which measure two bedrooms or more, over two (2) retail spaces and an underground garage for 26 cars.

While a site permit for the project has since been issued, without which the entitlements for the development could have expired anew, the plans and parcel are now being shopped.

And while the current ownership is seeking to cash out rather than break ground, the offering has been structured with a request that the sale include a clause that grants the seller the future five-bedroom, 2,186-square-foot penthouse unit which was designed to top the building.  The next largest unit in the building as approved is a two-bedroom measuring 1,322 square feet.

13 thoughts on “Re-Approved Development in Play (Save Its Penthouse Unit)”
  1. Interesting that socketsite calls the Tenderloin “Lower Nob Hill”. Ten years ago it was Post street that was widely considered the start of “lower Nob Hill”. Now it’s Geary? Soon the Tenderloin won’t exist at all, and SOMA will also be called Lower Nob Hill. Just rename the entire city to Lower Nob Hill.

    1. Technically, the northern border of the Tenderloin is O’Farrell, the southern border of Nob Hill is California, and the area between is “Downtown” (which we’ll usually refer to as either Lower Nob Hill or the Tendernob, depending upon the block). That being said, the practical border of the Tenderloin has been pushed south.

      1. I live nearby “all of this” and feel the conditions tend to vary block-by-block. There’s Dante’s Gate, Dante’s Inferno, C & H, Satan’s Village, etc etc. The less desirable of the less desirably seems to center around Turk and Taylor: the distance from that counts. This place for example – just a few blocks from Jones and Ellis, which similarly…abandon all hope all ye that enter here. Just my 2 cents.

  2. That particular block is unpleasant (homeless and addicts basically prey on tourists/anyone, almost got attacked nearby/daylight) but Geary is pivotal. I’m guessing the designers of this place sold out in advance: giving the city what it wants. Lookie lookie bay windows, so San Francisco…maybe next round it’ll show painted red or some such…

  3. Socketsite what are you smoking even Google puts this thing smack in the loin. Do you really believe the “East Cut” exists too? Lower Nob Hill is a marketing ploy.

  4. If there is a Lower Nob Hill, it definitely must stop at Post. Even Sutter is not always Lower Nob Hill.

    It is more difficult than the definition of Lower Pac Hts, which now begins south of California. The southern boundary of Pacific Heights has moved over many decades from Clay to Sacramento to California. The southern side of California Street is now Pac Hts.

    Of course, neighborhood boundaries do change in many places, and neighborhoods get new names. The area between Marylebone and Bloomsbury had no accepted name in the 1970s, and now is the very fashionable, gentrified Fitzrovia, named for Fitzroy Square.

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