As with the fenced corner parcel at 7th and Brannan, the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development is now seeking proposals for a self-sustaining “interim use” of the underdeveloped 8,777-square-foot parcel at 967 Mission Street, between 6th and Mary, down in SoMa.

It was back in 2015 that the deeding of the lot to the City was negotiated for the development of affordable housing and to help fulfill the inclusionary housing requirements for the 5M mega-project that has now broken ground.  And with the transfer of the site expected to occur buy the end of October, and the affordable housing development process for the parcel, which hasn’t begun, expected to take several years, “the City plans to create a temporary interim use for the site until the affordable housing can be built.”

According to the RFP, the City is seeking a proposal “that will be financially self-sufficient,” with a guaranteed term of up to two years, possible lease extensions on a month to month basis and a preference for a use that supports “the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District goals.”

Qualified responses are due on September 13 and a winning proposal is expected to be selected by mid-October. And once again, we’re not going to set the official over/under for demands that the plans for the embattled Navigation Center along the city’s waterfront be moved to the 967 Mission Street site, but we’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

15 thoughts on “City Seeking Another Interim Use for an Affordable Housing Site”
  1. I’m looking for an affordable place I’ve been paying rent in this city for years the full rent and I’m looking forward for this to happen get in touch with me to fill out an application

    1. “And once again, we’re not going to set the official over/under for demands that the plans for the embattled Navigation Center along the city’s waterfront be moved to the 967 Mission Street site”

      And yet here you are. Beyond parody.

      1. Why would questions with merit have to remain unanswered? Because they said not to ask? The Wizard of Oz said : “THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE BEHIND THE CURTAIN.” Should they not have looked ?

  2. How about a temporary park with a basketball court on the Mission side, tennis court on the Minna side? SoMa really needs recreation space.

  3. I’m struggling to think of a financially sustaining business that could operate that large of a lot on 6th and Mission. The only thing I can imagine is weekend only, ticketed, day parties (Burner/DJ, all you can drink beer garden etc).

  4. Im being put out of my apartment because the people who bought the two family i live in wants everyone out. Not fare im 54 yrs old disabled on disibility. Where do you turn from here ?

    1. Well, what do the others in your situation who didn’t luck into a rent controlled home in San Francisco do?

    2. Call the Tenderloin Housing Clinic for help (even if you don’t live there, they can point you to resources). There is often free legal support and other advocates who can work with you to negotiate better terms, buy important additional time, help with identifying low-income housing, etc. Stay strong and best of luck to you during this difficult time.

    3. Another great resource (for residents of certain zip codes) is Open Door Legal — they have a mission to provide equal access to justice and they have some amazing attorneys who can help you for free.

    4. Move to Oakland or Daly City, which is 30% cheaper than SF but still <30 minutes to jobs downtown. It's not like you are being forced to move to Kansas, there is still lots of affordable housing in the greater bay area. And you won't be competing for housing with high income yuppies that all want to live in SF, so you'll get access to cheaper grocery stores, better healthcare providers, and hopefully a community of like minded people.

      1. In summary, asfd is saying, be a good little peon and do exactly what the wealthy arrivistes and their sycophants in the real estate “game” want you to do and cooperate with and accede to the gentrification process.

        1. I’m up for a slight gentrification these days. I bet you think capitalism is ‘broken’ , and want free college and medicare for all.

          Your attitude is so typical of modern day, millennial, social-driven faux-outrage. Your parents must have given you anything you wanted, because now you can’t possibly believe the world isn’t all butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns.

          You are not entitled to anything in this world. When life is hard, you have to change.

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