Purchased for $6.495 million in April of 2016, the 5,493-square-foot “Light House” condo at 651 Dolores Street, one of four condos within the converted Second Church of Christ Scientist, across from Dolores Park, returned to the market in August of 2017 with a $6.795 million price.

Reduced to $6.349 million after a month on the market and then to $6.149 million at the beginning of last year, 651 Dolores Street was further reduced to $5.95 million, at which point “Call agents re: sale with Bitcoin or Ethereum!!!” was added to the listing prose.

Withdrawn from the MLS at the beginning of this year, 651 Dolores Street was re-listed anew with a $5.95 million price tag in February, and then again in May with a lower, but not officially reduced, $5.495 million price.

And with an official “33” days on the market, the list price for 651 Dolores Street has been reduced to $5.195 million, a sale at which would be considered to be “at asking” according to all industry stats but would represent an apples-to-apples drop in value of $1.3 million (20 percent) since the second quarter of 2016.

8 thoughts on “Light House Condo now Listed at a Larger Seven-Figure Loss”
  1. The seller should take it off the market for a year, and then when they bring it back, they can include “Call agents re: sale with Libra!!!” in the listing prose.

  2. $1.3 million loss on quite possibly the biggest, tackiest waste of space condo in all of SF. What were they thinking?

  3. Maybe after some of the upcoming IPOs. this place reeks of techie living.

    that said, i actually like this place. high ceilings and vast spaces are undervalued in SF.

  4. Withdrawn: no offers at 20% off 2016. With yet another announcement from Uber, the 10,000 millionaires are being laid off faster than they are buying houses.

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