We’ve been intrigued by the truly high-end conversion of unit #102 at 355 Bryant Street since the 2,200-square-foot loft hit the market listed for $2.195 million, or roughly $1,000 per square foot, back in 2006, outfitted with Italian cabinetry, hardware, wall systems and book-matched slabs of Carrara marble.

Reduced to $1.995 million and sold for $1.935 million in January of 2007, the two-bedroom, two-bath unit subsequently traded for $2.1 million in October of 2015.

And having returned to the market priced at $2.475 million two months ago, the resale of 355 Bryant Street #102 has just closed escrow with a contract price of $2.425 million, or roughly $1,101 per square foot, representing total appreciation of 15.5 percent for the high-end loft since the fourth quarter of 2015 or 4.0 percent per year on a straight line basis. The loft has seen some improvements since returning to the market which could explain the price increase. The owner is said to have re-modernized the interior as well as getting austin roofing contractors to fix existing issues with the roof.

As always, design matters (particularly when the market’s in flux).

11 thoughts on “High-End Loft Fetches 15 Percent Over Its 2015 Price”
    1. Agreed. Loft living is just not for me. $2.425 million yet the master bedroom doesn’t have a door and the “spare” bedroom doesn’t have a window.

  1. Lots of beautiful woodwork and finishes, but come on — location, location, location. The place looks like a glorified prison cell, no views to anything except a massive brick wall which no doubt will double as an effective heat radiator during from late August through October. I guess certain kinds of super-introvert/hermits who enjoy a great deal of screen-time might be attracted to it.

    Staircase has code violations: no hand-rail, open gaps between risers exceed 4″. (No staircase can have any openings anywhere in it (treads / risers / guard rails / balusters ) which are wide enough to pass a 4″ sphere.)
    Call the cops.

      1. Is that part of town safe & enjoyable to traipse after dusk and into the evening, either solo or avec elle? Call me prissy but I trend toward places where I don’t feel the need to look over my shoulder twice each block. Of course, I was last pounding pavement there over a decade ago, maybe it’s all spruced up and nice after dark now?

        1. Do you know where this is? Right off Second Street, an easy walk from both Oracle Park and downtown, surrounded by companies?

          1. Not a great area. Ghost town at night unless a Giants game lets out. Lots of homeless and wild junky activity near 80. Sadly, the area hasn’t changed in 20 years despite a shiny veneer of new façades. On the bright side, there’s at least 3 places open for a regular weeknight meal now, opposed to just one.

            It’s just a collection of streets, not a neighborhood. Also, have fun with the 80 on ramp and the daily road rage that flows through there (and pollution of idling vehicles).

          2. Really?

            Second Street
            South Park
            Numerous corporate headquarters
            Walking distance to downtown
            Plus the Giants

            Maybe that’s not enough for you. You must have very high standards.

  2. The only issue I have with the location is the traffic on Bryant and 2nd trying to get on the bridge. A lot of the car break-ins happening on Bryant were further east down Bryant.

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