The underdeveloped lot at the corner of Cleveland Street and Park Boulevard in Oakland’s Cleveland Heights neighborhood hit the market in 2004 with permitted plans for a 25-unit building – including 24 residential units, one commercial space and a 25-car garage – to rise on the 2805 Park Boulevard parcel and sold for $1.25 million in January of 2005.

Having never broken ground, the Cleveland Heights parcel returned to the market in 2017 with new plans for a fully-entitled 20-unit building to rise on the site, with 16 three-bedrooms and 4 fours, and sold for $1.45 million in December of 2017 with the rendering below:

And with Winder Gibson Architects having been engaged to redesign the redesigned plans for the fully-entitled 20-unit project, which is “now being planned as a Luxury Condominium” development, but with 4 below market rate units (BMR) as entitled, the vacant lot is now back on the market with a $2.1 million price tag as newly rendered below:

7 thoughts on “Redesigned for Luxury and Put Back in Play”
    1. No kidding! It shows a bus trimmed in blue…EVERYone knows AC buses are trimmed in green: how can we take something seriously when it makes that kind of egregious error? As for that object behind the bus: went from Santa Monica North to Montreal Sud-ouest.

  1. I actually liked the first one better than the 2nd….kinda gave me a so cal / Florida tropical feel, a bit refreshing & colorful. But overall, I think they both are pretty much garbage.


    This is a good block though. When I used to live near there I dreamed about buying that lot… make into an urban farm!!!

  2. *Looks at first one* “God, what an awful design.”
    *Looks at second one* “Well, let’s go with the first one.”

    1. The second one has a sort of “Outer Suburbs of Sofia, Bulgaria in 1963” vibe to it, I must admit.

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