Plans for a 12-story infill building to rise up to 125 feet in height on the site of the Polk Gulch funeral home at 1123 Sutter Street (Halsted N. Gray-Carew & English) have been drafted.

While the columned façade of the funeral home would be preserved, the space behind would be converted into 5,600 square feet of retail space, with an adjacent 3,200-square-foot space for a child care center and residential units above, as massed by BAR Architects for the development team, Martin Building, below.

In addition, the adjacent parking garage on the corner of (1101) Sutter and Larkin, which has been deemed a potential historic resource, would be gutted, its ground floor converted into 5,000 square feet of office space (and the new building’s lobby), with apartments and a new amenity and deck space addition above.

The overall development would yield a total of 197 new apartments (a mix of 41 studios, 75 one-bedrooms and 81 twos) as envisioned, with basement parking for 90 cars, along with the retail, office and child care spaces outlined above.  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by van nessident

    This feels like the right scale for Polk Gulch: seems equivalent in height to the Carlton Hotel visible to the left across Larkin. I’m looking forward to seeing this built someday.

    • Posted by Orland

      A similarly large residential project has been proposed for the SE corner of Polk/California though, like so many other developments, it has yet to break ground.

      [Editor’s Note: Bonus Plans for Prominent Polk Street Site Newly Rendered (at the end of last year).]

      • Posted by Orland

        I guess the substantial change of plans expanding the height and density explains the delay in starting construction likely meaning the original entitlement secured in ’16 needs to be updated.

  2. Posted by SFMichael

    “…the façade of the existing funeral would be preserved…” … to help us remember all we good times we had when viewing a deceased loved one.

    • Posted by Evan

      misguided historical preservationists. Not something I would want.

  3. Posted by Spencer

    Polk gulch is a made up name. This is the tenderloin

    • Posted by Jk

      Tenderloin is below Geary.

      • Posted by Spencer

        thats a new definition. its always been below California

        • Posted by Anonymous

          No it’s not. It’s historically been defined as bounded by Geary, Mason, Van Ness, and Market.

          • Posted by Sculpey

            Google maps has it running south of Geary from Van Ness all the way to Grant!

            Then Market, but also north of McAllister.

    • Posted by Sutro_Tower

      Polk Gulch is very much a place.
      And also… aren’t all names made up?

    • Posted by stevenj

      If it’s a made up name it’s been in use for decades.

      • Posted by jimbo

        i lived on van ness and sutter 23 years ago and it was definitely called the ternderloin then. and for sure, the term polk gulch was not used

  4. Posted by bart

    Its called Golk Pulch

  5. Posted by Invented

    For whatever it’s worth, residents pretty much call it Lower Nob Hill. At least during the 9 years I lived on Sutter (Lived one block E of project site on Sutter).

  6. Posted by JWS

    Excellent infill project although we’re probably a whole cycle away. I box across the street and thus look at this parcel frequently, and it is so underutilized.

  7. Posted by David

    Can’t wait to see the corner of Larkin cleaned up. I’ve lived across from the garage for a decade and it’s a magnet for all the things wrong with the neighborhood, hope this is the update we’ve been looking for.

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