Having hit the market priced at $5.95 million last year, touting “a clean environmental report and potential to build multiple units,” the Mission District parking lot parcel on the southeast corner of South Van Ness Avenue and 15th Street has just traded hands with a $4.995 million contract price.

And while plans for the 7,100-square-foot parcel have yet to be submitted to Planning, the 401 South Van Ness Avenue site, which sits across the street from the newish 40-unit building at 1501/1515 15th Street, is principally zoned for development up to 58 feet in height, not including any density bonuses.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jimbo

    great place for a 10-12 story apartment building

  2. Posted by MDG399

    It’s a 3 min walk to Mission/16th BART …. It should get a density bonus and hopefully built sooner than later…. No need to cry over a development that is currently an empty lot……

    • Posted by Anonymous

      You’d think, but just look at the “Monster on Mission”. Tons of housing right on top of the 16th Mission BART station, where there is currently zero housing and a partially abandoned building. And the MEDA-type crowd still complains and obstructs it endlessly.

      • Posted by mdg399

        #Word. The MEDA people are completely unreasonable. They keep losing their appeals as well. Waste of time and $$

  3. Posted by OpenHousin'

    No need to cry over development of an empty lot but, given that this is the Mission, odds are that some group will regardless…

  4. Posted by Mulligan

    MEDA and the other activists will have a field day with this when it should be a slam dunk to add some more housing.

  5. Posted by HouseHunter

    I have some inside info from a close contact who worked the deal. This was bought by the same Kansas Developer (Chris Elsey) doing the micro-units at 1500 15th st directly across the street. They are building even more – with plans for another 8 story building, this one with ~300 units (exact # of units still being worked out to my understanding). I can’t give away my source but I promise it’s accurate. From first hand knowledge, these guys are pretty nice people that legitimately care about the community and want to transform it to something good, so I’m glad they beat out the others that bid on it, MEDA included.

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