While plans for the Mission District parking lot parcel on the southeast corner of South Van Ness Avenue and 15th Street have yet to be drafted, much less formally proposed or approved by the City, the 7,122-square-foot parcel is now on the market with a $5.95 million price tag and touting “a clean environmental report and potential to build multiple units.”

The 401 South Van Ness Avenue parcel, which is across the street from the new 40-unit building at 1501/1515 15th Street, is zoned for development up to 58 feet in height.

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  1. Posted by scott f

    Any news on the group housing proposed for the NW corner of that intersection by the two brothers from Kansas?

    [Editor’s Note: 184 Murphy Beds and Toilet Sinks in the Mission as Proposed. And now back to the parcel at hand…]

    • Posted by scott f

      Thanks for the link, editor. I went to their pre-app meeting and the don’t-build-anything-in-the-Mission crowd was out in force trying to intimidate the two brothers and anyone who supported their proposal.

      I hope they haven’t been spooked out of building it. Would love to get confirmation it’s still in the works – great addition to this corner.

  2. Posted by MDG399

    I would love to see this corner (And the other @ 15th & South Van Ness) developed. Not sure I’m a fan of the modern SRO approach, happy with the BMR process.

    The ‘Don’t build anything crowd’ should get what it deserves…NOTHING. Because that’s what they add to the process…nothing.

  3. Posted by moto mayhem

    would love to see an 8-12 floor modern buidling here

  4. Posted by Greg Bognuda

    Who is marketing this site?

  5. Posted by

    That whole area is some of the most tragically underused land I’ve seen in any city.

    Presumably that $5.95 million price tag doesn’t include the necessary bribes to MEDA and Calle24 (yeah, I know it’s not their zone, but I wouldn’t be surprised anyway).

  6. Posted by Monty

    Why does a lot like this take so long to redevelop? Seems like an obvious spot for apartments/condos, yet 8 years into a massive housing rally we are only catching a whiff of activity. It’s an embarrassment to our city and a sign of a dysfunctional system.

    • Posted by Patrick

      I don’t see that it’s an “embarrassment” or “dysfunctional” that this property didn’t get developed sooner. Perhaps the owner was satisfied with the amount of money he was receiving from the used car lot and was content to sit on the land until he was ready to sell.

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