Having been priced at $29.8 million earlier this year and now touting nine Feng Shui selling points, including that the “grounded nature of the home will allow the owner to expand their income,” the list price for modern new Atherton mansion at 96 Ridge View Drive has just officially been reduced by $2 million (6.7 percent) to $27.8 Million.

Designed by Stanley Saitowitz and sited on a 1.6-acre parcel with views to San Francisco, the modern home features formed concrete, glass and steel construction, with two dramatically cantilevered rooms (the master suite and living room) and over 16,000 square feet of finished space between the six-bedroom main home, attached studio, four-car garage and guest house beside the pool.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Tipster

    I especially like the prison dining room and industrial kitchen.

    • Posted by brisket

      I like a lot of it but that dining room is bizarre with the knee level window and a cement wall at eye level. Despite a completely open roof it somehow manages to feel oppressive.

      • Posted by jenofla

        The knee level window must be for the cats.

    • Posted by Snark17

      Yes, so much concrete and vertical bars. This Feng Shui will ground you on a path to prison.

  2. Posted by socketome

    nine Feng Shui selling points, including that the “grounded nature of the home will allow the owner to expand their income,”

    Looks like that one is already working…$2 million saved is $2 million earned.

  3. Posted by SFMichael

    I’m not sure “grounded” means what they seem to think it means.

  4. Posted by Amewsed

    The only Feng Shui principle is to discount home by $9M. Prosperity god does not like this much use of concrete in earthquake prone areas.

  5. Posted by Je

    They must have left a decimal place off the discount. $2.8m. Maybe.
    Even then, does this concrete monstrosity come with a matching pair of cement galoshes?

  6. Posted by socketome

    How does a house with this much glass and concrete walls satisfy California’s Title 24 energy requirements?

  7. Posted by ananimal

    Different strokes, I guess. To me this is an amazing home. So well detailed and built. Uncompromisingly modern to a level we don’t see very often in the bay area. Some people like styrofoam tuscan, some people want shark tanks and movie theaters. Others, admittedly fewer, want architecture. Fewer still at that price it seems.

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