With a buyer yet to emerge for the modern Atherton mansion which sits on a 1.6-acre parcel at 96 Ridge View Drive, the marketing materials for the Stanley Saitowitz designed home, which currently sports a $29.8 million price tag, have just been updated to highlight nine “Feng Shui Features” of the property:

1. “The home is sited well and with sweeping views”
2. “The property is shaped like a money purse”
3. “There is a water feature at the front entrance”
4. “[There is a] good balance between concrete and glass”
5. “[The] stove is protected in the kitchen so you don’t see it from an entry door”
6. “[The] master bedroom is not above the kitchen”
7. “[The] natural light around the rear staircase is good”
8. “[The] living room is open and wide”

And number nine: “[The] grounded nature of the home will allow the owner to expand their income.” We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

12 thoughts on “New Feng Shui Selling Points for that Modern $30 Million Mansion”
  1. The stunt house is now pandering to a specific demographic. I wonder whether the house was designed with the consultation of a feng shui expert or if instead the expert was called in after construction to call out the positive aspects and ignore the negative.

    1. You mean you think “sweeping views” isn’t a fundamental tenet of feng shui? Confucius say: a fool and their $30M are soon parted.

      1. Buy a house with great feng shui, you’ll see money rolling in.

        Buy a house with bad feng shui, you risk losing your money, your job and your spouse.

        Always consult feng shui master before buying a home.

        1. I cant tell if you’re being facetious or not, but Feng Shui is as reliable as astrology. The site is shaped as a “money purse” is such a bullsh#$t. Who cares if the master bedroom is above the kitchen or not. I cant believe people buy this stuff.

          1. there are some ‘common sense’ parts of feng shui, even if they are presented in hokey ways. For example ‘master bedroom not above kitchen’ is practical in that you probably don’t want any kitchen smells permeating your bedroom (granted this is likely due more to inadequate building codes regarding kitchen ventilation in china that isn’t really an issue here).

            Others are aesthetic in nature that many people would agree with such as not seeing stove from front door, water features, open living area, etc. But things like ‘shaped like money purse’ and ‘grounded nature allowing owner to expand income’ are frankly just lame gimmicks that probably could be ‘found’ for any house if you pay the feng shui master enough.

  2. Fung shui even works if you want to locate your double wide trailer to the correct orientation.

  3. Change the address if you could to 88 Ridge View Drive and the Chinese buyers will come running…

  4. There’s a comedy skit by J B Smoove, where talks how he loves watching his wife cook in heels so much that he made the stove visible from the front door. I guess some people are looking for different type of feng shui that doesn’t involve money. 🙂

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