As we wrote early last year:

Designed by the owner-architect, Mary Maydan of Maydan Architecture, and built on a quarter-acre Palo Alto lot back in 2005, the still contemporary home at 925 Addison Street is now on the market with an $8.995 million price tag.

The five-bedroom home measures 3,369 square feet and features a signature floating staircase.

A modern kitchen adjoins the open family room with walls of glass as well as the formal dining area which opens to a terrace for dining outdoors.

And at the rear of the lot, an 1,100-square-foot guest house offers an additional bedroom, kitchen, two baths, an office and a gym.

Three months later, in July of 2017, the sale of 925 Addison Avenue closed escrow with a contract price of $8.4 million. And today, the home is back on the market with an $8.5 million price tag.  If you think you know the market in Palo Alto, now’s the time to tell.

12 thoughts on “Designer $8.4 Million Home Suddenly Returns”
  1. there is no way this house sells for asking. as I remarked a year ago, it was extremely well sold at $8.4M. for that price, I’d much rather have this PA home, although both have oddly small bedrooms — and it has been sitting at $7.9M

      1. Maybe because my ideal house (albeit not located in the LA hills) would be Case Study House #22 by the sadly departed Pierre Koenig, your “dated” is my “ideal”. But then, I sometimes watch American Psycho just for the interior design!

    1. wouldn’t the price fluctuations of this property be driven more by value of a quarter acre lot in palo alto rather than the relative attractiveness of the building itself?

      1. no. the price for a lot this size (< 1/4 acre) in this neighborhood is far below what this will sell for (as unfortunate (specific?) as some elements of the architect design is). no buyer will scrap this house.

  2. I don’t think I “know the market in Palo Alto”, especially for unique, “still contemporary” homes like this one, but I will go out on a limb and say that the seller’s going to take a haircut. They are not going to get $8.5M. More like $7.8M

  3. I am so sick of ugly artsy fartsy (look how educated I am) homes. Places like this ruin San Francisco. Just look around at the past attempts to “modernize” the city. City hall needs to put a stop to this. Its cold and ugly.

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