Designed by the owner-architect, Mary Maydan of Maydan Architecture, and built on a quarter-acre Palo Alto lot back in 2005, the still contemporary home at 925 Addison Street is now on the market with an $8.995 million price tag.

The five-bedroom home measures 3,369 square feet and features a signature floating staircase.

A modern kitchen adjoins the open family room with walls of glass as well as the formal dining area which opens to a terrace for dining outdoors.

And at the rear of the lot, an 1,100-square-foot guest house offers an additional bedroom, kitchen, two baths, an office and a gym.

17 thoughts on “Palo Alto Contemporary on the Market for $9 Million”
  1. I really like this kind of gleaming white objet d’art, but does it really work in a dense semi-suburban environment? This seems more like a retreat hidden away in the hills?

    Plus…9 million? Eek. Insane.

    1. something?

      i assume this is staged (poorly) as there is so much repetition of the unimportant – vases in various heights with single flowers (probably artificial), oddly colored poufs and shag rugs. i don’t know contemporary furniture at all but i’d be surprised if all that expresso finish wasn’t flat-pack, it certainly looks cheap.

      and the art is all bank lobby quality and ill sized. those walls need size.

      the house is nice enough with a degree of privacy despite all of the glass and neighbors and i like the yard and guest house but where’s the wood? texture? tonal variation? a real green plant?

      the stagers here did not earn their money – and if this isn’t staged i’m betting on body parts in the freezer.

  2. I like this, but I agree the staging is not that good. And the price seems way too high, even for Palo Alto. The place just cries out for a pool, btw.

  3. Two things about this re PA real estate:
    1. The lot is small
    2. The street is not prime, so that’s a pretty steep price for that street
    Both those points make it seem expensive for the area

    1. The lot size for this home is actually above average and roughly 50 percent larger than the average lot size of the Palo Alto homes that have sold over the past couple of years.

      1. Palo Alto is a big place so the avg is going to cover lots in midtown and less nice parts of town. What is the avg for crescent park? Biggest issue is it’s not a prime street. 9M+ for Hamilton or Forest, maybe. But that block of Addison?

    1. That is odd. The blurring does not seem to be a misfire of the automatic face/license plate obfuscation AI. It might have been done at the request of the owner.

  4. Lol. Def not done by a stagger. Looks like architect herself did the staging. I can tell you very few architects can do interior design and here is proof of that. And this comes from someone who has a masters in architecture!

  5. Finally had a chance to see this. Very much the architect’s home and office. Lot is fine, street could be better. The major drawbacks are:

    1) lack of space to charge your 2 teslas (no garage)
    2) all the the sq footage is divided between the main house and the guest house. as a result, all of the spaces in the former feel much smaller than they should at anything approaching this price point

    This would be extremely well sold above $7.5M. Clearly the current ask is a test-the-market, make-me-move price. Further evidence of this is the lack of top-notch representation.

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