Plans to raze the two-story Dogpatch building on the northwest corner of 20th and Illinois, which is currently home to Jim’s Smoke Shop and Deli, could be approved next month.

And as proposed by Workshop1, a six-story building could rise up to 68 feet in height across the 600 20th Street site, with 21 condos over 1,700 square feet of commercial space and a basement garage for 13 cars, which, rather candidly, “will keep most residents from parking cars on the street or at other neighborhood parking lots or garages,” according to the project team.

In terms of timing for the project, while Jim’s is operating on a month to month lease, the second floor of the existing building, which is known as 888 Illinois Street and subleased to a few tenants, is master leased until 2022, as we first reported back in 2016. But once again, that’s not to say the master lease, which is “well below market,” couldn’t be broken or bought out.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Bobby Mucho

    Appropriately scaled, contextual, and seemingly nice materials palette. Yes please.

    On a side note, this rendering makes me excited for the eventual tree planting along Illinois and in surrounding areas.

  2. Posted by philler

    Soon there will be little left of what made Dogpatch so interesting in the past. And why the hell are we still building parking garages?

    • Posted by spencer

      philler, you mean all the parked RVs, 1 restaurant and 1-2 dive bars that were there 10 yrs ago? those 100 or so parked RVs were a histprical cultural icon and should be preserved?

      • Posted by Brian M

        In the new, sanitized Dogpatch, where will people buy their cinnamon candy vaping supplies?

        Save Jim’s Smokeshop!

    • Posted by Hunter

      That two story building never “made Dogpatch so interesting.” The historic industrial buildings, maybe, but they are being preserved and restored, which is great. Dogpatch will be one of SF’s greatest mixed-use neighborhoods in 10-5 years.

      • Posted by Bobby Mucho

        Completely agree. Wish I would’ve been able to buy there 5-10 years ago.

  3. Posted by ananimal

    I remember what made the Dogpatch interesting. Still have a bit of a limp…

    Whenever I need to “relive” those “interesting” times I just cruise over to Pittsburgh and start throwing bottles. When I have enough stories I retreat to my dilapidated south slope shack (I ain’t sellin’!) to ice my head with a steak on the front porch, barking at the strollers.

  4. Posted by Orland

    I wonder what John Borg’s (see his comments in the linked prior item) current position is on this subject.

    • Posted by philler

      Thank you for that link. It’s people like John Borg that made Dogpatch interesting. Something is lost when they leave.

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