The 5,700-square-foot Presidio Heights fixer at 3515 Pacific Avenue hit the market listed for “$6.9 million” early last year and sold for $10.35 million that March.

Having since been virtually remodeled and staged, but otherwise mostly untouched, the same “incredible opportunity in one of San Francisco’s most sought after locations” is now back on the market with a $9.75 million price tag.

And no, the virtual remodeling hasn’t extended to the actual kitchen or baths.

15 thoughts on “$10M Fixer Back on the Market for $600K Less and Virtually Staged”
  1. It’s always a bad idea to put a house back on the market so soon after a sale, but at least they didn’t try to raise the price like a couple of d7 homes did recently. Neither has sold. A flash back to 2610 Scott St. Well, best of luck trying to move this. I wonder what a high-end remodel costs these days?

  2. You could make the case this house should be torn-down. A “re-do” would likely a) reduce costs b) result in less environmental impact c) allow for better architecture. But this is San Francisco.

  3. Or maybe the happy buyers realized (a tad late) their marriage wasn’t worth the risk of fixin’er’up.

    1. Terrible street? I guess you’re not from around here it’s one of the most desirable spots in SF. A certain billionaire lived along this wall before moving primary residence to sea cliff.

  4. Virtual staging is a perfect match for reaching out to the online house shopping market. They’re reaching out to someone who would buy based on location and shell.

  5. Terrible street? Wow. “Presidio Wall” has been a huge marketing plus for generations. Views of the Presidio/Bay/forest; no through traffic to speak of; and surrounded by old, old money. And lots of it.

  6. The re-sale of 3515 Pacific Avenue has closed escrow with an “at asking” contract price of $9.75 million, $600,000 below the price it fetched in March of 2017.

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