Listed for $12.5 million six months ago, the brand new 6,000-square-foot Cow Hollow mansion at 2528 Union Street ended up selling for $12.0 million on the first of September, the sale of which resulted in a $330,000 transfer tax being paid by the development team (which shares the same last name as the sales agent).

The 30-something buyer was living seven blocks away in a contemporary 3,300-square-foot home he purchased as new for $2.925 million in early 2012 and subsequently transferred to a family trust which remains the owner of record.

And this weekend, roughly two months after having been the highest bidder for the new home, the owner of 2528 Union Street quietly returned it to the market listed for $12.995 million, a sale at which would require a $357,363 transfer tax to be paid by the seller along with the new agents’ fees.

5 thoughts on “Eight-Figure Folly or Cunning Cow Hollow Flip?”
  1. I like the wallpaper treatment in the family room off the kitchen. Imported Italian and French wallpaper — learned something new. It adds warmth and brings the room together. There is a lot to like interior design wise. The price is more about the location in Cow Hollow.

    Did something similar to my main bathroom — installed large ceramic tiles which mimic the look and texture of rich upholstered linen wallpaper to bring warmth to the shower and toilet wall .

  2. Those tiles in the bathroom don’t resemble upholstered linen to me… it resembles the Men’s Room at Home Depot, where you’re relieved it isn’t linen if you know what I mean….

    1. I was talking about my own bathroom wall, not the subject property. My bathroom wall looks similar to this property’s family room walls of of imported Italian wallpaper.

      I agree that the marble tiles on this property aren’t great…easy to wipe down…

  3. UPDATE: After three quiet months without a sale, 2528 Union Street has just been listed with an official “1” day on the market at the $12.995 million price we revealed above.

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