2435-2445 16th Street Site

Speaking of approved projects in San Francisco’s housing pipeline which have yet to break ground, the asking price for the Mission District parcel on the southeast corner of 16th and Florida Streets – upon which a modern seven-story building with 53 condos averaging 688 square feet apiece; 1,600 square feet of restaurant/retail space; 2,000 square feet of commercial PDR space and a basement garage for 40 cars has been entitled to rise – has been reduced to an even $9 million having been priced at $9.995 million last year.

At the same time, the demolition and building permits for the project have been approved; the US Auto Body shop at 2445 16th Street (which is one of the two buildings on the site to be demolished) has agreed to vacate by the end of September; and the seller is “in the process of obtaining a lease termination agreement from [the] tenant” in the second existing building on the site (Safelite Auto Glass at 2435 16th Street).

11 thoughts on “Million Dollar Cut for Approved Development in the Mission”
        1. I like the fact the obligatory color splash highlights are varied and not all orange or sage or whatever the AIA thinks is trendy this week.

          The middle rendering not only removes the power poles, but also the street light poles, stop sign, at least 4 street trees, the ADA ramp on the corner.

          The doors on the bottom rendering are all wildly varying heights. And all the people in SF are now midgets?

  1. I don’t get the colored “hi-lites.” I think the general travertine matrix would make for a comely enough if unostentatious building.

  2. The better questions is what is going to happen to the 3/4 block long surface parking lot behind this building on Florida?

    1. Great question. My first thought was zoning might be in the way but no, it’s zoned the same as this parcel and twice as large.

      This is a great commuting location with the cluster of Showplace Square tech offices walkable and a straight shot on 16th to the biotech companies in south Mission Bay. Makes perfect sense for new housing, so I can’t imagine location is the issue.

  3. My thoughts exactly. There are far more of these kinds of underutilized or vacant lots scattered throughout the area than people realize. And for a neighborhood that screams about affordable housing, you’d think the city or at least district supervisor would work to acquire said lots and dedicate them to BMR housing.

    1. Hopefully they find a place to relocate, it’s super convenient to pop in there and be out in like 15 minutes.

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