Built for the YWCA as a “home-away-from-home for young working girls” in 1929, the Blue Triangle Club building at 2332 Harrison Street was sold by the “Y” in the late 1950s and turned into the Lake Merritt Lodge, a single-room occupancy (SRO) hotel.

Foreclosed upon in 2013, the six-story building was sold to a developer for $5 million, renovated at a stated cost of $10 million and long-term leased to the Hult International Business School in San Francisco, which opened Hult Lodge, a 92-room undergraduate dorm, in 2015.

And packaged together with the adjacent SVS Job Placement Agency building at 2336 Harrison Street and the 26-space parking lot at 143 Bay Place, a parcel which is zoned for development up to 135 feet in height, the Hult Lodge portfolio is now on the market with a $30 million price tag.

13 thoughts on “Renovated Lake Merritt Lodge on the Market”
  1. I hope they keep that building and package the rest of the stuff together with the 7-11 and run down car repair places and build something nice across from the whole foods. That is such a wasted area.

    1. I don’t believe what’s for sale extends to the 7-11, just the building mentioned and the storefront/property next to it.

      I’m curious what happened to Hult: is it no longer operating? is it still operating but just doesn’t need the building? Inquiring minds want to know (they just don’t want to do the research themselves!)

        1. Then it seems rather overpriced for what amounts to development opportunities on smallish and weird shaped properties (I’m assuming Hult is leasing it at rates that correspond to ~$15M invested so far, and that part doesn’t justify the asking price)

      1. This sale didn’t, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something was in the works. Since the main building already has tennant and that price doesn’t justify the purchase of the building alone. There has to be a bigger plan.

  2. Interesting background on the existing conditions. I had no idea. Isn’t this a rather inconvenient location for the students? Do they run their own shuttle or something?

  3. This is a great location just across from the nicest Whole Foods in Northern California. What a charming building. I love the huge “OAKLAND” sign inside and the fact they restored this wonderful old car dealership. There are also plans just across Harrison on 27th Street for a residential highrise. The area is walkable to Uptown and 19th Street BART.

  4. This block of Harrison is an enigma.. surrounded by investment, it’s changed very little. For several years now a huge former tire store has sat vacant across the street (catty-corner from Whole Foods!). Also, staffing agency vs “job placement” agency. It’s the weird ways Oakland is often framed that contributes to its shaky image. Why be accurate when the present image of a place isn’t perfect?

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