The 30-day window within which the building permit for the development of 157 below market rate apartments to rise up to nine stories in height at 1950 Mission Street, upon the former Phoenix Continuation High School site turned Navigation Center in the Mission, could have been appealed has expired without an appeal being filed.

With the existing Navigation Center on the site slated to close in the second quarter of 2018, the development of 1950 Mission Street, which is expected to take around 20 months to complete, could break ground in the third or fourth quarter of next year.

And once again, twenty (20) percent of the roughly $81 million development, which doesn’t include an accounting for the city-owned land, will be set aside for formerly homeless families with the balance of the apartments earmarked for families earning between 45% and 60% of the area median income (AMI).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon2.5

    Does this development displace the navigation center or will the new building house a new navigation center once completed? That facility is doing great work and it would be a shame for the neighborhood to lose that facility.

  2. Posted by scott f

    Can’t happen soon enough. It’s a well designed building and the neighborhood needs affordable housing yesterday.

    As for the navigation center, three new proposed sites for them were announced today, including one on the edge of the Mission at 13th, Division and Bryant streets.

    • Posted by Hunter

      Agree, and a Division St. navigation center would be ideal.

      • Posted by Pierre Johnson
        • Posted by Pierre Johnson

          (That’s not where it’s going, but that would be the perfect site. The Division St. one is proposed to go in at Bryant.)

  3. Posted by martin

    bravo, do it.

  4. Posted by Pablito

    Very cool. Going from an F.A.R. of 0.5 to 8 in a transit corridor is exactly what needs to happen if we are ever to build our way out of the current housing mess the City has made.

  5. Posted by SFrentier

    How about balancing this out with the “monster in the mission” bldg nearby? I mean, those poor(sic) wealthy people also deserve to live in the mission…

  6. Posted by Mark F.

    Now, if they can just clean up that awful Bart Plaza…

  7. Posted by Sfer

    Bart Plaza could be cleaned up by just allowing some changes to SRO‘s rules then we could be in for exciting times i.e. maybe a less scary plaza.
    Build the Monster in the mission!

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