1950 Mission Street Site

A transfer of the long-abandoned Phoenix Continuation High School site at 1950 Mission Street, between 15th and 16th Streets, from the San Francisco Unified School District to the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development is likely to be approved next week.

Upon the nearly one-acre Mission District parcel, an 85-foot-tall building with up to 150 below market rate apartments over 10,000 square feet of retail, community and commercial space on the ground floor, and an underground garage for 75 cars, is slated to rise.  And the City is already working behind-the-scenes to fast-track the development.

In exchange for the 1950 Mission Street site, which was appraised at $13.4 million in March of 2013, the City is set to deed its property at 555 Franklin and 380 Fulton Streets, along with $2,675,000 in cash, to the School District.

19 thoughts on “Long-Abandoned Mission Street Site Slated For Major Development”
  1. Finally! Home ownership is always touted here, so this is a great thing. It brings ownership within reach to more people in SF along with the benefits that come from that.

    [UPDATE: As reported above, “150 below market rate apartments” (not condos).]

    1. totally agree. parking up to the code seems superfluous and expensive adjacent to two transit-rich corridors. access to the garage would be tricky too – presumably the curb cut on mission is discouraged and wiese alley is only about 12′ wide.

  2. The proof will be in the pudding and the city has a VERY mixed record at pudding-making. The projects along Cesar Chavez, in the Fillmore and sprinkled already throughout the Mission are relatively new, and with the exception of the very tightly managed Valencia Gardens these city-built low income housing complexes are pretty awful. The age poorly and are crime and gang infested blights on their surrounding neighborhoods. Even the relatively ok mound at 18th and Florida has been deteriorating badly over the years, with dead trees and filthy street level windows. Its managed by the infamously lax Tenderloin Housing cabal. So the details will be more important the bland boosterism and repetitive PR drivel.

  3. Isn’t this right next to the High School at 15th & Capp, the same one that has resisted other developments that are even further away? Cast shadows, construction noise, displaced rat populations, etc.?

    1. Read it again. Its “BMR” rental, code here for good old fashioned MOH Section 8. BMR for sale is a whole other thing, and this ain’t that.

  4. This is one of several awful pieces of real estate near 16th & mission – Ownership is a GREAT idea and I think with the eventual development across the street (Over BART) this will calm the area down – Lord knows it needs it – what a piss and drug infested nightmare it is right now…..I support this….. (Local property owner…here)

  5. Whatever happened to the proposed condo development at 16th and South Van Ness? I thought the Planning Commission was supposed to vote on it by now

  6. The fact that 150 low income units are being built across the street weakens the arguments of those fighting the market rate development planned to border the 16th and Mission BART station.

  7. This is a great location for high-density living, with just about every store and amenity one could want within walking distance, and some of the best transit this side of the Mississippi, I’m a little disappointed there are only 150 units.

    Back in the 60’s, preliminary sketches for the Mission St Bart stations showed that they would eventually be surrounded by apartment **towers**, not mid-rise blocks like this…

  8. This is absolute BS. There is already SO much subsidized housing within two block radius of this site. Why must this one little area bear all the burden for the entire city?!

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