The East Bay pad that Steph and Ayesha Curry purchased for $3.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2015, after which another $400K was spent to remodel the kitchen (which was used to shoot a Food Network series for Ayesha) and rebuild the master bath with a walk-in steam shower and therapeutic soaking tub, has just been listed with a $3.195 million price tag.

The 7,520-square-foot Walnut Creek home has been on the market, but not officially listed, since the fourth quarter of last year, at which point it was priced at $3.7 million, as we first reported at the time.

And while an unadvertised reduction to $3.4 million we first reported in April was quickly walked back as an “error,” the asking price for 620 Sugarloaf Court was subsequently reduced to $3.5 million in May and then to $3.395 million three weeks ago.

The family traded up to a gated $5.8 million home in Alamo (which was purchased at a $1.5 million discount to its original $7.3 million list price) last year.

15 thoughts on “Steph and Ayesha Curry’s East Bay Pad Officially Listed at a Loss”
  1. Utterly bland interior. Zero character. Nobody wants they cheesy faux Mediterranean mansions any more.

      1. Actually, the interior isn’t that bad. We’ve seen a lot worse on this site, especially with those Noe Valley dated modern monsters hiding behind stunning Victorian façades. That’s hardly a 400k kitchen.

      2. Just because you can’t afford a pot to pee in, you don’t have to condemn everything out of your reach.

  2. His next contract will be worth hundreds of million and once the SF stadium is done he’ll probably buy a city pad even if he doesn’t move the family from the sprawling new Alamo house with pool.

  3. Alamo? Man that’s way out there. But maybe that’s the point I guess if you’re a celebrity.

  4. So the saga seems to end. As for the loss in value: lot’s of tantalizing innuendo about a dearth of cash-spewing Chinese buyers, but – as one savvy reader pointed out 🙂 – the theory seems to be contradicted by the actual data presented.

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