While the ownership of the two-acre Atherton estate at 150 Almendral Avenue is hidden behind a limited partnership, the property is owned by real estate investor, and minority owner of the Golden State Warriors, Dennis Wong and his wife Shannon.

Built for the Wongs by Pacific Peninsula Group in 2013, with interiors designed by Paul Wiseman, the main home on the property measures nearly 14,000 square feet and is outfitted with six bedroom suites, along with a requisite home theater, fitness center and temperature-controlled wine cellar.

A 542-square-foot pavilion, with a refreshment center and half-bath, sits adjacent to the tennis court and a 3-hole putting green with bunker, while a 1,000-square-foot guest house, with two changing rooms, opens to the saltwater pool and spa.

And 150 Almendral Avenue is now officially on the market with a $32.8 million price tag.

11 thoughts on “Atherton Estate of Warriors Shareholder on the Market for $32.8M”
  1. Would certainly be a privilege to live or be entertained there, and definitely many a luxury perk is checked off here, but something about it seems awfully…boring.

    It doesn’t seem (to me) one of a kind nor envy-inducing, and no one is going to start a foundation to preserve it as a historic or architecturally significant site in 30 or 100 years (think Filoli).

    Am I missing something here that would justify a price higher than the de Guigne or Morgan estates? Maybe I just have lowbrow, old-fashioned tastes? Location?

    1. It’s simply an obscene amount of money harvested from something as unimportant and meaningless as corporate sports, and turned into a carefully curated pile of lumber, grass, trees and paint.

      Tasteless, valueless and without soul.

    2. Yes: what you’re missing is that the INITIAL pricing on those was much higher than this one (in the former it was $100M!) These bid fantasies often – usually? – seem to have little to do with what the properties are worth.

    3. You are not missing anything – you are right on. It’s nothing but Bourgeois Businessman BORING.

  2. Nice property! When c/w similar priced Pac Heights view houses, what you lack in view, city proximity and walkability you make up with tennis court, pool and putting green. I agree the architecture is uninspiring (it seems to lack a distinct style) but overall very pleasant and relaxing. Wiseman is a top designer and did a good job with what I’m sure were owner style preferences – nothing bold.

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