Responding to feedback from San Francisco’s Architectural Review Committee, Sternberg Benjamin has refined the plans for a five-story building with a 22,631-square-foot gym on the ground floor and 49,840 square feet of office space above to rise on 77-85 Federal Street parcel, behind the 21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant.

The previously proposed brick cladding has been replaced with a hard-troweled, fine diamond cement finish, incorporating the primary façade materials along the entire length of the visible side facades; the contrasting corten steel pilaster base elements have been eliminated; and the cornices on the Federal and De Boom Street facades have been changed.

In addition to a 25-car garage, the entrance to which would front De Boom Street as rendered above, the development would include parking for 124 bikes and showers for those who rode in on them.

And the main entrance to the new 75 Federal Street building would front Federal, with deck space on the third and fourth floors, 940 square feet of which would be technically tagged a “public open space.”

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Can't Think of Cool Name

    Should make for entertaining garage entries and exists when the temporary beer garden is up and running on De Boom.

  2. Posted by Brisket

    Nice looking design. So there is a mini locker room next to the bike storage for showering? Interesting.

  3. Posted by Hunter

    Actually really appreciate the stepped design – will fit very nicely with the former industrial buildings near South Park.

  4. Posted by Mark

    Now we’re talking. Looks good.

  5. Posted by Dave

    I won’t quibble over what the developer is calling public open space as this design is quite nice. The cornice treatments, the step backs, the finish and windows. It’s all good and fits perfectly with the surrounding buildings. This should be the type of design that is the norm for SOMA and not the exception. This is a building that would pass muster and be approved for construction within Portland’s Pearl district.

  6. Posted by good_christian

    also, the brick veneer is gone. huge improvement.

  7. Posted by Serge

    Brick or no brick, this design is nice. It actually compliments and fits into its surroundings. Surprised that this is so far and few between.

  8. Posted by cleverpunhere

    Looks great!

  9. Posted by archiwha?

    brick to stucco? corten cornice to styrofoam extrusion? kind of a bummer if you ask me — cheap materials win again, as always.

  10. Posted by Sierrajeff

    Sure this looks fine – but so did the former design. *Ridiculous* that over a year’s passed since the prior post, presumably due in large part to Planning’s “design advice”. Housing crisis? What housing crisis? Carrying costs? What carrying costs?

  11. Posted by Brooder

    I wouldn’t mind more condos in the neighborhood, rather than more office. Scale is proportionate, though.

  12. Posted by arogerr

    Typical SF stucco building. Nothing new and inventive in a city of new ideas and technology!

    SF puts up the worse buildings, historic neighborhood or not…

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