Approved for a 200-unit development of micro-apartments to rise up to eight stories in height on the western edge of SoMa, between Folsom and Harrison, the development team behind the 333 12th Street project is now seeking permission to use the development for student housing, specifically for students of Golden Gate University and San Francisco Art Institute.

If approved, the building’s bike parking would be increased by 50 percent to over 200 spaces and student lounges would be added on each floor.

While 16 of the 200 units would still have be rented at affordable levels to very-low-income households as required by California’s Density Bonus Law, which was invoked in order to allow the development to rise two stories higher than zoned, student housing is exempt from the affordable housing requirements of San Francisco’s Planning Code. And as such, the additional 11 units which had been required to be offered at below market rates when approved would not be offered as such while the building was leased to the University and Institute.

If approved and subsequently permitted, the development of 333 12th Street will take around 18 months from the time the project breaks ground.

8 thoughts on “Conversion of SoMa Development into Student Housing Proposed”
    1. Just basic renderings I think. The plans on SF planning’s site have some schematics like this but also some better looking full renderings.

    2. They updated this design to have some oppressive concrete V’s in the front, and a whole row of units where people will live below grade in a neighborhood prone to flooding and blowing trash. It looks pretty depressing now.

  1. The whole thing about “student housing is exempt from the affordable housing requirements of San Francisco’s Planning Code” makes no sense. Students aren’t people? They don’t count as “worthy” human beings because they are trying to improve their lives? Most students are poor. With government student loans, that cannot be erased by bankruptcy it is no longer a temporary condition. We reward irresponsible drug addicts, we punish hard working people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. This does not end well.

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