While it hasn’t yet been listed for sale, the asking price for the designer five-bedroom home at 4352 26th Street has been set at $6.8 million or roughly $1,420 per finished square foot for the new 4,800-square-foot pad.

A sale at asking would make the 26th Street pad the second most expensive home in Noe Valley, behind the $7 million sale of 553 Elizabeth Street which fetched roughly $1,570 per finished square foot in June of 2015.

Both the 553 Elizabeth and 4352 26th Street properties were redeveloped by SF Modern with John Lum Architecture.

20 thoughts on “Designer Noe Pad Priced at $6.8 Million”
  1. What a disappointment to see the inside: I was hoping they had created a magnificent Victorian interior to counterpoint 553 Elizabeth ( and as a little joke, ‘cuz if you’re gonna pay $7M for this, you have a sense of humor).

  2. What a refreshingly non-beige interior. The exterior is on the bland side, but I love the inside. This should be a quick sell.

    1. I KNOW! They made no effort to sensibly match and arrange the veneers in the great room. The result looks terrible compared to what could have been thoughtfully executed.

  3. Too much boring retro-modern veneer for my taste. And is that a kitchen or a boardroom? But I guess $6.8M is a steal for Lower Diamond Heights so one can’t be too picky.

  4. Seems overpriced and a little overwrought. I said $5.76mm before and I wish the developers suerte.

  5. I think someone will buy this house, probably close to what is being asked, but take a look at this block. For nearly $7 million, one could do SO much better – do a comp run for $7 million homes sold in the past 12 months. More likely, if this house sells at this price, there will be a DECADE of construction on this street as everyone tries to cash in. And, by the way, this house much closer to Diamond Heights (and its weather and mojo) than it is to Noe and the Castro and the (much better) mojo IMO. It’s close to Safeway.

  6. EVERY element of this home’s design is the very height of the current “on trend” – so it’s already beginning to look a bit dated. (could also be the benign staged furnishings) It’ll fetch the price though.

  7. Lordy, this is a hot mess.

    All the surfaces are finished with rectangles. Rectangles in wood, slate, & marble. That bathroom needs a little cache dish of potpourri and Dramamine. I never thought I’d be nostalgic for subway tile. The bedroom is a standard Four Seasons/L’Hermitage design from the 90’s making this home practically retro!

    I’m so sorry this has happened to upper Noe /Diamond Heights.

  8. Nope. We lived up there and it was miserable in Summer. It would be hot until 2-3 and then the shroud would fall and it would be 50 degrees and windy. I can’t fathom paying this much to live there, 6.8 mill would buy you a pretty nice house down in the flats though without the view (of other people’s houses).

  9. UPDATE: Having been withdrawn from the MLS in February, 4356 26th Street has just been re-listed anew without a change in the price (but now an official “1” day on the market according to all industry stats).

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