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As proposed, the entire Uptown Oakland block bounded by Telegraph, Broadway, 21st and 22nd Streets will be razed and a 1.35-million square foot development will rise across the 3-acre site which includes the former Giant Burgers parcel at the corner of Telegraph and 22nd, the adjacent Telegraph Plaza Parking Garage, and three buildings fronting 2101-2147 Broadway.

While the site is zoned to support the development of up to 1,556 residential units or 2.8 million square feet of office space, the development team, which is a partnership between Lane Partners and Strategic Urban Development Alliance (SUDA), is pursuing a mixed-use development dubbed “Eastline” (a.k.a. 2100 Telegraph) which would yield 880,000 square feet of large-floor-plate (i.e., tech) office space, enough for over 4,500 worker bees; a tower with roughly 400 residential units; and 85,000 square feet of street-level retail space.

As BART runs directly below the site, the development will have to be designed to avoid placing weight or lateral stresses on the tunnels. And as the existing public parking garage on the site “provides parking that is vital to Uptown District businesses and the operations of the Paramount and Fox Theaters,” the development is expected to include a four-level replacement garage for both public and private use.

And as of this morning, the preparation of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Eastline project is officially underway and the first public hearing has been scheduled for December 12.

27 thoughts on “Planning for Proposed 3-Acre Uptown Oakland Project Underway”
  1. Thanks for this; I was confused by an earlier item which only mentioned the parking garage and burger stand. I hadn’t realized the proposal will also demolish three existing buildings along Broadway. None of the buildings will be missed. But that is certainly a huge and ambitious project. I have to imagine it is something that will be phased.

  2. Projects like this moving forward convince me SKS and Shorenstein are land-banking/stalling their projects in downtown Oakland to protect their more expensive projects in SF.

    1. I agree, this developer seems willing to go ahead with a huge amount of office space while Shorenstein and SKS have set on their parcels for 10 years. The land-banking by S.F. developers is what holds DTO back from reaching its full potential. This seems like a beautiful project. These developers have great faith in Oakland’s future as they are also involved with the uber office renovation at 19th & Broadway as well as two other parcels at 20th & Telegraph. DTO is booming and that is a great thing for our entire region.

        1. Actually Uber is developing the former Capwell’s building themselves; Lane Partners – the original developer of said property – is part of a consortium developing this concept.

    2. This picture shows quite well how much development Oakland has gotten from SF based (or at least SFdependent) developers: the I Magnin and Capwell bldgs (right-of-center). Every other building -probably literally – from the former Leamington Hotel at the top right to the Baptist Church at the bottom thru all those office buildings above it were developed either by companies that were Oakland-based (Breuners, Kaiser, Golden West) or investment groups that were new to the Bay Area.

  3. There are also over 2,000 housing units currently under construction in Oakland with another 16,000 in the pipeline. Many of these developers are national developers. S.F. developers are interested in San Francisco real estate and more less expensive housing in Oakland is not good for them. The future looks very bright for Oakland.

      1. Yeah, you’re right. The corner building is decent and the others just look well maintained and functional. I guess I was hoping to eradicate blight and not lose a well maintained portion of Broadway. Let’s hope the Broadway portion of the development will be something worthy of the street and not some 4 story garage podium.

          1. Thanks. I guess that’s Broadway. Is that a podium for a parking garage? I’m not so sure about that design if that’s the look for Broadway.

          2. I concur w/ the editor, but in answer to your specific question: yes it’s looking NW from the parking lot @ 21st/Broadway (notice the Paramount on the left).

  4. this is awesome and would be a total game changer if built. hopefully oakland politicians and interest groups wont stand in the way…

  5. Let’s wait until someone actually closes a construction loan for Type I in Oakland before celebrating too much.

  6. “BART runs directly below the site” and yet “parking garage on the site “provides parking that is vital to Uptown District businesses”

    lol. As if that parking garage can even hold as many people as one BART train?

  7. The garage and the burger place lot are underutilized eyesores. Having said that, I’m sure the current parking will be replaced in a brand new and more attractive garage.

  8. So this development is 1/3 of the office space and 1/4 of the residential units that it is zoned for? How is that a good deal?

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