425 Mason Street Rendering

The formal application for authorization to convert the vacant Spring Valley Water Company Building at 425 Mason Street, which was originally designed by Willis Polk and built in 1922, from an office building into a 77-room AC Hotel by Marriott has been submitted to the City.

Purchased for $6 million in 2011, the corner building which sits a block from Union Square has been gutted above the ground floor.

425 Mason Street Interior

But as proposed by Stanton Architecture, the building’s remaining vestibule, clock, mural and vault door will be incorporated into to the new hotel, which will include a new 750-square-foot lobby bar fronting Mason Street as well.

425 Mason Street Mural

As we first reported last month, plans for a new 211-room hotel to wrap around the 425 Mason Street building have been drafted as well.

9 thoughts on “Plans for a New Union Square Hotel Revealed”
  1. Now that is a handsome building. Despite needing a paint job – with special attention paid to the ground floor – and new windows. Great roofline complimented by the border trim one floor below.

    The hotel vacancy rate must be low as it seems there are a good number of small to mid-size hotels in the works. Just noticed the other day from the T line a new hotel going up across from AT&T park. Kitty corner from where the “make my day (or is it bed)” hotel is set to go up.

  2. I’m glad something is being done with that building. Right now it’s dingy and dank and fly specked. Strange looking people, who appear to be low level office workers, quickly duck in the front door with brown takeout bags in their mits. There’s one of those lock boxes at the front door. What is picked up or what is left there? The sidewalk is gritty and littered with smushed Jack in the Box cups and very very short cigarette butts. People who wait there for buses seem uneasy about something. A renovation can’t come too soon.

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