433 Mason Street Site

Purchased for $12.5 million in 2012, plans to level the four-story garage and Blazing Saddles shop at 433 Mason Street, adjacent to the Donatello Hotel, have been drawn. And as proposed, a new 211-room hotel will rise up to 13 stories on the site, which is across the street from Ruby Skye and a block away from Union Square.

433 Mason Street Rendering

The L-shaped parcel wraps around the corner seven-story building at 425 Mason, which itself is proposed to be converted into a 77-room hotel and bar.

While the Mason street façade of the new hotel, which is being designed by Stanton Architecture, would only reach a height of 80 feet, its western wing would be 130 feet along Derby Street and in the middle of the block.

433 Mason Street Massing

And while the project as proposed includes a ground level retail space along Mason, it doesn’t include any parking for the hotel or others.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Pierre smith

    And a little shop to boot. Residential would be better but given the area and the need, this is okay too.

  2. Posted by Amewsed

    Why not? There is an absence of new hotels in this area and the streets can get a bit slow and quiet. Close to the theater district, and gives tourists another choice location to stay.

  3. Posted by Oaklandlover

    Approve with the following:

    Add 10 or 15 stories, hotel or residential, either is fine.

    No parking for added bonus.

    This is near where I lived for a good time about 15yrs ago. Make it a bit taller no parking though agreed!!!

    • Posted by SocketSite

      The site is zoned for a maximum of 130 feet. And as we reported above, the project as proposed does not include any parking.

  4. Posted by Orland

    Should provide perfectly serviceable lodgings for decades though there should be provision for some limited (15 stalls?) Parking.

  5. Posted by Zugamenzio Farnsworth

    I can’t figure out why whomever hasn’t done something already with the 7 story building next door; apparently sound structure/relatively prime location, yet sits there, and has, for at least 7 years.

    • Posted by In North Beach

      It seems like it’s owned by the city and is for sale, or at least it was in 2007.

      • Posted by SocketSite

        As we noted above, plans to convert the corner building at 425 Mason Street, which traded hands for $6 million in 2011, into a hotel are in the works as well.

  6. Posted by Conifer

    There are going to be some pretty dark rooms in the Donatello.

  7. Posted by anon2.5

    I think this is go. The area could use more budget friendly hotels.

  8. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: With respect to the adjacent building at 425 Mason: Plans for New Union Square Hotel Revealed.

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