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DDG Partners is pushing forward with plans to raze the former Loren ‘Hap’ Jones’ former motorcycle shop at 235 Valencia Street and build 45 apartments, the majority of which would be efficiency studios measuring under 350 square feet apiece, over 5,500 square feet of ground floor retail space on the Mission District site.

235 Valencia Rendering - Option C

As designed by Heller Manus, the five-story building would be tiered behind its Valencia Street faced, stepping down to a proposed “living alley” dedicated to Hap along Clinton Park, with seating and planting and a restaurant or cafe at the eastern end of the development along Stevenson.

235 Valencia Rendering - Stevenson Street

And based on the recent application for a variance to build the project as proposed, without a rear yard as required by code, the project team is planning to raze the existing building in its entirety rather than trying to incorporate a portion of its existing façade.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Adam

    Big Improvement. Just put up a nice bronze plaque if you must and leave it at that.

  2. Posted by tm

    This looks architecturally interesting actually. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  3. Posted by Anon123

    So they painted the building facade grey to make it less attractive, or because they aren’t going to raze it in the foreseeable future?

  4. Posted by Easwuud

    This will give the homeless encampments behind Scuderia something nicer to look at. I still hope to park on the sidewalk… and on that note they will not be able to add the greenery at the corner nor on the other side as it is not part of that development. Looks nice in the rendering however.

    • Posted by SocketSite

      That’s incorrect. As referenced in our piece above, the Living Alley improvements are part and parcel of the proposed project and plan.

      • Posted by Easwuud

        Got it, thanks… so the grass stays. I guess the idea is to further restrict cars – though that alley is already very tight. The corner is tough to get around on a good day.

        Not sure how much action that cafe will get given the location. V105 was just a block or two towards Market, had great food and plenty of window space for viewing the local fauna and it closed down.

        Minor gripes aside this is an improvement over the existing space.

  5. Posted by seriously

    wow. i actually like it!!!

  6. Posted by Sara Short

    Far better than a weird mismatch to keep the old uninteresting facade

  7. Posted by scott f

    Like, but it’s too damn small. What I wouldn’t give to see this be 20 stories…

    • Posted by HorseFist

      Right. 20 stories. On Valencia Street. And you’d be willing to “give” just about anything to see that happen?

      My god, where do they make you guys?

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