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The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee, which was created by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, has unanimously recommended a potential $750 million public funding plan to help underwrite the cost of a $1.9 billion Las Vegas stadium that could become the new home of the Oakland Raiders.

The proposed stadium plan still needs to be approved by the governor and state legislature. And in order for the Raiders to depart Oakland, three-quarters of the National Football League’s owners will need to agree. But the committee’s recommendation to commit public funds to the project, which Raiders owner Mark Davis has openly embraced, is a major victory.

When renderings of the proposed Las Vegas stadium were released last month, “the Raiders — and their partner, the Sands Casino Group — made one thing absolutely clear: If the state of Nevada is willing to commit $750 million in public funding towards a new NFL stadium, then the stadium will get built and the Raiders will move to Vegas.”

The Raiders’ lease for the Oakland Coliseum expires at the end of the 2016 NFL season but includes two one-year options for beyond.

40 thoughts on “Odds of the Raiders Leaving Oakland Just Jumped”
  1. Are there any solid plans to make use of that land? Looks like there enough space to build a whole new neighborhood.

    [Editor’s Note: There is (or at least was).]

    1. Raiders are like the Rams. They will be goners from Oakland because Davis family will see the dollar signs and value increase in having their own market. NFL and the rest of the pro sports are over the gambling taboo. There is no value in moving to Levi stadium as second fiddle and Oakland/Alameda won’t put the money out.

      On top of it, the plan to develop the surrounding area in one of the hottest regional real estate markets has gone no where. Take in the fact that multiple high rise proposals from Jack London square to auto row have been proposed but how many have broken in ground in one of the top ten rental market.

      1. Take a deep dive into Oakland / Alameda County taxes and you’ll find some details on why! The tax on the RE and then the “business” tax on top, makes feasibility tough. You’d think at some point, likely in the next downturn, they’ll look to give break on taxes to actually see some development. Just a guess! AS they say, less tax is better than no tax.

    1. You probably won’t be able to watch them since non-sellouts will be blacked out, I’m sure you are going to lose sleep over that.

  2. lol, the socketsite commentariat is, of course, out of touch with reality and reflects its SF-centric, elite bias.

    1. this most assuredly will happen. very little standing in the way and everyone, including the NFL, vegas politicians, the raiders, etc. are strongly on board.

    2. worst team in football? the raiders are one of the hottest teams this year!

    1. The Raiders haven’t won more than 8 games since 2002, and the media was pretty high on them last year as well. They haven’t really been relevant since that 2000-2002 run, and prior to that you have to go back to the early 80’s / late 70’s which included a SB win in LA. They are on par with the Lions / Browns / Jags as an organization… happy trails!

    2. The 2014 Raiders made a credible attempt to be the worst team in all of human history, and the team hasn’t been relevant for decades, except in 2000-2002.

        1. Why, because they won by 1 point at home against a team that ran up 500 yards against them? The Raiders are already dead last, 32nd of 32 teams, for yards allowed. They are going to get smeared by everybody.

  3. The only beneficiary of this are the A’s. When the Raiders leave, they can build a ballpark there and a developer can build housing and shops and restaurants.

    1. Would love to see Oakland A’s take over the under utilize port facility and build next to Jack London Square. I’m not buying that you should build a new stadium at the current site and a community will come.

      1. I agree. They need to move closer to downtown. I’d go more often if I could hang out around the stadium before/after. It’s current location is desolate. Most people drive to the stadium and then leave the city.

      2. The only problem with the the Dock proposal is that it is 1.5 miles away from the closets BART. Furthermore , the walk is through a less than desireble area. You can bet if the Radiers move, the A’s will be at the Colisieum site.

        1. Well that and the hundred$ of million$ of co$t$ for soil remediation, extra foundation work due to squishy soil and a general lack of parking…

        2. Aren’t the A’s already at the Coliseum? Why would/should the city help them build a new stadium on their own when there is too little revenue to upgrade existing NFL/MLB facility?

          1. I believe the A’s are the only baseball team remaining that plays in a multi-purpose ballpark (not a big sportsfan, so feel free to correct me). In any case, the A’s want a purpose-built baseball stadium SOMEWHERE.

            The Howard Terminals (downtown) is attractive but for access, rail lines, remediation, lack of parking, etc etc. Probably makes more sense to concentrate on making the Coliseum area nicer….there sure is a lot of land to play with.

          2. The city could provide help, but not money, for the A’s.

            That’s is what generally happened with SF and the Giants. That’s been a win for both sides.

  4. Good riddance. Football Stadiums are about the most miserable use of land there is. Huge parkings lots that are used a handfull of days a year. Few uses to fill up the down time except monster truck rallies. PLUS, in this case the Raiders have been jerking Oakland’s chain for well to long. If they leave, it will bring some closure to things, and, POTENTIALLY, speed the resolution of a future for the A’s somewhere at the Coliseum. And open up the rest of it to development. It is a HUGE site.

  5. The A’s should poke the star wars creator create a few of six story high apartment complexes. Since he can’t build over at his area. If it’s not possible for another high rise,kinda similar to Barcelona,Spain. Connecting them into the Bus Rapid Transit between Oakland and San Lenadro.

  6. Even though NFL owners will unlikely vote to let them move there, I wish they would. Raiders don’t contribute much to the city, and that land could very well become a new neighborhood that would bring in heavy property tax dollars. All this threatening to leave and I’m finally on board that they should.

  7. $750,000,000 in public funds! Glad that mentality doesn’t work here with our elected leaders.

    As others have pointed out, I still would like to see an A’s waterfront ballpark. Otherwise, it will be like any other stadium, uninteresting. Need to find a solution for getting BART access or a midpoint station added. Although, it’s not that much further away from BART that AT&T Park is.

    1. It’s about mile from AT&T Park to BART, give or take depending on if you walk down 2nd or around the Embarcadero. Regardless, if you’re planning on building a structure to cram in 40,000+ people you should be near adequate public transit. Most of the sports complexes in Philly are clustered together and served by SEPTA. In DC, there’s a Metro station for the Nats.

    2. don’t underestimate the cost of infill BART stations. It’s huge, and alone would make a stadium project infeasible. If the region is going to devote resources to infill stations, there are locations that make more sense.

    1. Its really just a tax on hotel stays that will go to fund the stadium, which will in turn help all of the hotels by encouraging large influxes of people to vegas 8 times a year (as well as serve as a huge stadium for concerts, events, etc.). the hotels are all for this. vegas is a company town, and this is more of a collective move by the hotels then it is a decision by a neutral government.

  8. The big difference is that the Raiders need the taxpayers to contribute $750 million dollars, the Rams are privately financing it. St. Louis still on the hook for $447 million.

  9. The A’s should either fix the stadium, or build a new one on the same site. The location by Bart is a HUGE advantage for them.

  10. If they want to stay in Oakland, the current site seems pretty good. Easy access with bart and plenty of parking. Makes more sense to build up that location than start somewhere else from scratch.

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