2640 Steiner Street

While it hasn’t yet been listed for sale, the iconic “Mrs. Doubtfire House” at 2640 Steiner Street is about to hit the market in Pacific Heights.

Having last traded hands for $1.395 million in 1997, the 2,600-square-foot home nearly went up in flames early last year when a disgruntled former patient of the home’s current owner doused the home’s doormat with an accelerant and set it ablaze.

And while the home has long been a popular tourist attraction, the former trickle of Mrs. Doubtfire fans has grown into a steady flow with regular “throngs” (in the words of a plugged-in neighbor) ever since Robin Williams’ passing in 2014.

The official list price for the home has yet to be set but we’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

10 thoughts on “Mrs. Doubtfire House Hitting the Market in Pacific Heights”
  1. I admit to walking over to this house the night of Robin’s passing and standing in front just staring at the place. Very somber.

  2. This seems like such a hard sell. Obviously you can sell anything at a price, but still. The crowds have abated somewhat recently but there are always about a half-dozen people outside. I just walked by this place and there was a bit of a crowd clustering around the front door taking pictures. Maybe some entrepreneurial spirit/masochist will buy the thing and airbnb out the rooms.

  3. The crowds are even worse in front of the house on the west side of Broderick between Pine and Bush. Double parking, crossing without looking, selfies, sometimes a dozen people.

  4. You can paint it a different color but can’t tear it down or even change front facade. Partial bay view from top floor at best but it is located on prime street corner. Agree the best bet might be to play along with the M. Doubtfire theme and try and do premium rentals. I’m sure the agent is having trouble pricing this one.

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