1709 Broderick Street: The Full House Facade

The Lower Pacific Heights Victorian at 1709 Broderick Street, which served as the façade of the Tanner’s ‘Full House‘ home, has just sold for $4 million.

Designed by Charles Lewis Hinkel and built in 1883, the home previously traded hands for $1.85 million in 2006, after which it was renovated, remodeled and expanded (down) to encompass 2,985 square feet of finished living space and a gate was added to keep the Full Housians, and Uncle Jesse, away from the repainted front door.

And while listed for $4.15 million this past May, the sale, which closed escrow this morning, will officially be considered to have been “at asking” according to all industry stats as the list price for the home was changed to $4 million this morning as well.

16 thoughts on “The Full House Home Fetches $4 Million”
  1. That’s a heafty price for a home that guarantees a lack of privacy and throngs or tourists every single day. Lovely neighborhood, though.

      1. Its popularity has picked up over the past year, probably due to the release and marketing of Fuller House.

        It’s rare for there not to be a carload of people out front taking selfies on the weekends, a little less so during the week.

      2. I live a few blocks away and always see people out front taking pictures when I walk by. It’s much more popular than the Grateful Dead house.

    1. The kitchen seems quite cramped: proximity of work centers is nice, but so is a little aisle room….I fear milady’s bustle might catch flame while she’s bathing hers hands in the sink.

  2. Kitchen has that big sink you’ll need when the inevitable violent floor induced vertigo sends your stomach flying

  3. At least the people have bookcases filled with books, an uncommon sign of literacy in a remodel. It appears the stager decided that books are too intimidating, so there are pictures hung in front of some of them. This is a practice up with which no bibliophile would put.

    The problem with this house is the number of tourists, which also brings double-parked cars.

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