1709 Broderick Street: The Full House Facade

Designed by Charles Lewis Hinkel and built in 1883, the Lower Pacific Heights Victorian at 1709 Broderick Street, or at least its façade, gained widespread notoriety for having played the role of the Tanner’s home in the late 80’s to early 90’s sitcom titled Full House.

Purchased by the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, for $4 million in 2016, following the launch of Fuller House on Netflix, the home’s interior has since been gutted, expanded and remodeled to yield 3,728 square feet of space, including “a bold kitchen that strikes a pose against a large backdrop of open living spaces with powder room, custom cabinetry, Calacatta Oro, Viking appliances and second living room with fireplace.”

Having returned to the market listed for $5,999,999 earlier this year, the fully remodeled home remains available with a since reduced $5,749,000 price tag.

And on this traditional day of thanks, here’s to hoping your pantry is plentiful, your table is striking a pose, and your home is full of family and friends. We’ll see you next week.

11 thoughts on “Fully Remodeled and Striking a Thanksgiving Pose”
    1. Go to the SF Dept. of Building Inspection website online permit tracking and type in this address. You will pull up the contractor who did the work, scope and costs of work involved excluding finishes. I briefly saw a figure of $490k for structural and systems work, another $50k for installing a sliding glass door.

      Someone who has the time could go tally up all of the permitted work to get a rough idea of the reno.

      1. You can never go by those numbers. Everyone loballs the amount to keep permit costs down, then DBI adjusts the cost based on their standard amounts for various spaces (kitchens & bathrooms cost more per square foot than living rooms which cost more than garages, etc).

        But the real construction cost can be 3 to 5 times higher.

  1. Thanks to our faithful SocketSite [team] for the work you put into this website. May the coming year bring many more homes and tables to the entire Bay Area. ?

  2. Renting or buying a condo near Bush and/or Pine is fine. But buying a house between two high traffic corridors for $5.7m seems steep.

  3. 200+ days on market and listed by the agent that is in hot water re; 3426-32 22nd St. Unreported buyouts/evictions, exceeding permits (enough to have all 9 permits revoked), etc. I’m sure its all just a little misunderstanding. Best of luck to seller.

  4. UPDATE: While we failed to note it at the time, the sale of the “Full House” house at 1709 Broderick quietly closed escrow with a contract price of $5.35 million on October 2, 2020.

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