2640 Steiner Street

The iconic Pacific Heights home at Broadway and Steiner used in the filming of Mrs. Doubtfire nearly went up in flames last night when an arsonist doused the doormat with an accelerant and set it on fire.

A disgruntled former patient of the home’s current owner is believed to be behind the run-by burning which scorched the home’s porch and doors but was quickly doused by the doctor who was inside.

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  1. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Was the arsonist angry because he had second thoughts about the doctor’s treatment? In other words was this a doubt fire?

  2. Posted by Ham

    I doubt fire could destroy the spirit of robin williams.

  3. Posted by anon94123

    With all the lurkers, tourists, picture takers, and people leaving candles, flowers and teddy bears, I am surprised the owner is able to get any privacy. Right after the death of Robin Williams, SFPD had two undercover officers parked across the street because of all the foot traffic for about 3 weeks.

  4. Posted by MDG399

    Wasn’t there a scene in “Mrs Doubtfire” where S/He sets herself on fire….I think by leaning too close tot he stove with those fake pendulous boobies… giggle giggle smirk

  5. Posted by anon

    Doctor needs a course on how to handle difficult patients to avoid getting house set on fire. I thought lawyers were the most hated professionals and I would have thought their houses would get set on fire by disgruntled former clients. Nope. The universe dictate lawyers must die of natural self-induced causes (heat attacks.)

    I have seen two cars now with vanity license plates belonging to OB-GYNs and Dermatologists. Is this a trend now?

  6. Posted by romeo

    and we have a winner! well played!

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