Listed for $1,299,000 at the beginning of October, within three weeks the sale of the “rarely available” two-bedroom #812W at 101 Lombard Street closed escrow with a reported contract price of $1,400,000.

Five weeks later on December 1, the 1,700 square-foot condo with high ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace and parking returned to the market listed for $1,499,000.

And having been taken off the market for two weeks over the holidays, yesterday 101 Lombard #812W was relisted with a $1,390,000 price tag.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by BobN

    “HOA Dues $1,405/month”


  2. Posted by R

    Some of the most terrible looking real estate in the city, in my opinion.

  3. Posted by soccermom

    It’s the best post title of the YTD. I laughed out loud. (I can’t bring myself to type the other.)

  4. Posted by Fishchum

    I’ve never understood the appeal to living in this part of town. I don’t find the buildings very attractive, you get shadows fairly early as most buildings are tucked under Telegraph Hill, and it just feels very remote and isolated.

    • Posted by Conifer

      Things have changed in San Francisco, and anywhere is okay now. It is a bit like Manhattan, or the first nine (plus 15 to 17e) arrondissements of Paris. The SF market has reduced the three main criteria from location, location, location to just location.

    • Posted by jlasf

      It’s just off the Embarcadero, it’s walking distance to the Ferry Building and Financial District, it’s near a Safeway and Trader Joe’s on Bay Street, and that area gets less fog than most of the City. Seems pretty good to me.

  5. Posted by poor boy

    I’d love to live here. Its opposite the bay club!

  6. Posted by AnalyzeVotes

    Comparing with similar units nearby and in the same building, this price is pretty low. Perhaps it should be remodeled nicely to get a good price.

  7. Posted by MoneyMan

    Most real estate around here is typically “rarely available”, but realtors seem to want to overuse that phrase for just about every house they list.

  8. Posted by Mystery Realtor

    I saw this yesterday on the Tour, It’s a very nice, rear unit w/ views of Telegraph Hill. I’m not sure why the new owner wouldn’t move in.

  9. Posted by Willow

    I’m a fan of the kitchen and dining layout. All the new construction with open concept where there is virtually no room for a dining room table is not going to age very well. I can see in about 15 years prospective buyers trying to figure out how they can partition off their kitchen from the rest of the living area in all the post 2000 construction condos.

  10. Posted by chris

    I think it looks decent for its age. Not terrible at all, IMO.

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