744 Harrison Street Site

As proposed, the two-story concrete building at the corner of Harrison and Lapu Lapu will be razed, the 744 Harrison Street parcel will be merged with the parking lot parcel at 29 Rizal Street behind, and across the Central SoMa site a new 8-story building will rise.

744 Harrison Street Design

The plans include a commercial space fronting Harrison Street, with a 50-room hotel on floors 2 to 6 and 8 condos across the top two floors of the building, the entrance to which would be along Lapu Lapu.

744 Harrison Street Design

And as envisioned by architect Charles F. Bloszies, the upper floors of the concrete building would be clad with a sheer metal screen which would cover and shade the windows remain transparent enough to see through from the inside and would transform the building’s façade depending on light conditions, inside and out, drawing inspiration from the M3A2 Cultural and Community Tower in Paris which was designed by Antonini Darmon Architects:

M3A2 Cultural and Community Tower, Paris

14 thoughts on “Plans for a Skinny SoMa Hotel Inspired by a Modern Parisian Design”
  1. Maybe the architect should incorporate pictures of the rad design that inspired him into his pedestrian design.

  2. The …uhm, sketch doesn’t match the photo: it shows a high-rise to the left, the photo shows a vacant lot…is there something else planned or are they just that lazy that they drew generic surroundings?

    Ce n’est pas vrai….non?

    [Editor’s Note: The Race To Raze Manor West (next door).]

    1. Very good, thank you.

      Having now seen that design, though, it’s unfortunate the rendering shows it as an unadorned box: it has a rather busy design – either a nice complement to the design here, or sensory overload, depending on your POV – but I think it matters what it will look like in judging the merits of this proposal.

  3. That M3A2 building… what’s up with that ground floor? It seems to have all the charm and visual interest of a loading dock. I’m trying to find some better pictures of it…

  4. Is that a loading dock or a wastewater effluent discharge system on the bottom? Is that a novel sewer system proposal? Guess I need to visit Paris.

    1. I agree, traveling and experiencing other places and cultures is an important part of ones education. Otherwise, one might be inclined to compare other cultures cultural museums to loading docks, or sewer systems due to their own ignorance.

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