1140 Harrison Street Site

Plans for a 381-unit apartment building to rise up to six stories on the Western SoMa parcel at 1140-1150 Harrison Street, upon which the two-story German Motors Collision Center building currently sits, have been drafted and submitted to Planning with Houston-based developer, Hanover Company, leading the charge.

1140 Harrison Street Rendering

In addition to the 381 apartments, the proposed 1140 Harrison Street project includes an underground garage for 200 cars, racks for 400 bikes and nearly 6,000 square feet of ground floor lobby space fronting Harrison Street, plus two “flex units” which could yield 3,000 square feet of retail space.

A proposed mid-block pedestrian passage would connect Berwick Place to Hallam Street, and a secondary lobby entrance, behind the new development.

1140 Harrison Street Site Plan

And of course, plans to redevelop the adjacent San Francisco Galvanizing Works building at 1176 Harrison Street are in the works as well.

11 thoughts on “Plans for a 381-Unit Western SoMa Building as Proposed”
    1. 10-12 floors? this site is adjacent to an RED district with small homes. 10-12 floors would leave those homes in the shade for most of the time. Let’s be reasonable.

    2. NO THANKS. High-rise buildings don’t belong in this part of SOMA. Keep those to Market St. and FiDi.

      Sunshine and skyline views are some of the best features of SOMA and high rises block out the sun, creating dark wind tunnels and obstructing the views of some of the coolest lofts in the city. Keep that ceiling at 5-6 stories max.

  1. 275 feet long, according to the assessor’s map. I find horizontal lengths like this more oppressive than height. Make it 275 tall instead.

    1. They should have at least broken it up a bit with several insets. Backed off the top floor some from the lower portion of the building.

    2. Height is far more oppressive in an area like this. 275ft tall buildings create cold, dark wind tunnels and block the views of the the buildings that are actually suited to the area.

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