On the market for $2.925 million in 2014, listed for $2.495 million in 2015, and reduced to $2.195 million earlier this year, the sale of the postmodern Lucas Valley Estates home at 20 Westgate Drive has just closed escrow with a reported contract priced of $1.965 million or roughly $518 per square foot.

Designed by the owner-architect and built in 1994, the 4,000-square-foot home sits on an acre of land abutting a permanent Open Space Preserve, with an indoor living/dining room that opens to a covered outdoor living room (across from which there’s a gallery-like lounge with loft), four bedrooms, and a detached circular library/office with its own driveway.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Billy

    Super nice house.

  2. Posted by ABL

    You mean super dated.

    • Posted by Brian M

      Not all of us are as au courant as you seem to need to be.

      • Posted by alberto rossi

        post-modernism was at its height in the early 1980s

        • Posted by ess

          And continues on, Scottish Parliament Bldg, etc.

  3. Posted by JayJay

    Beautiful home.

  4. Posted by soccermom

    The economic peril of specific design choices.

    Cool setting and home.

  5. Posted by midcentfan

    A few tweaks – new lighting; replace the stairwell; maybe resurface the walls; new fixtures and new art/furnishings – place will look fine.

    • Posted by Some Guy

      I said this last time this place came up on SS: that stairway is a crime. What a collosal waste of space, butt ugly and dangerous too. Can only safely be used on the far edges where the hand rails are, and even then there’s only 1 rail. The rest of it: too dangerous to use, too steep and narrow to sit on. Utterly pretentious homage to a gravel borrow pile at a construction site.

      • Posted by Brian M

        I wonder if they sacrifice virgin brides to Smoking Mirror at dawn at the top of that stairway. (I like the house overall, but your comment is spot on!

        • Posted by Some Guy

          On close exam, hard to say for sure, but maybe the stairs ARE wide enough to sit on. “Yeah, I know, I think I’ll go out and enjoy my morning tea sitting halfway up somewhere. Makes me feel like I was back in college again! Overlooking the Student Union or at a football game. Perfect.” …. ?

    • Posted by jlasf

      Start by painting the stairs grey, instead of red. And totally agree with your comment. This is a great house that needs some updating.

  6. Posted by pvc

    I also said this last time this property was on SS, but this home is not nearly as private as it looks in the photos. $500/sq ft seems like a deal though.

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