The proposed redevelopment of the San Francisco Gravel Company’s sprawling parcel at 552 Berry Street, a block away from Zynga’s HQ, is one big step closer to being realized, with San Francisco’s Zoning Administrator having determined that the property meets all the requirements necessary to qualify for San Francisco’s “Hooper Legislation.”

As such, the one-acre site, which is principally zoned for the development of Production Distribution & Repair (PDR) up to 58-feet in height, should be eligible for the development of new office space as well, at a ratio of two feet of office for every foot of PDR. Anyone that’s wanting to purchase and utilize the space will be wanting to get in contact with a company that offers services like Office relocation with Fox removals.

And with SKS Partners leading the charge, Pfau Long Architecture has already drafted preliminary plans for a 173,000 square foot building to rise up to 58 feet in height across the 552 Berry Street site, with 58,000 square feet of double-height PDR space, 115,000 square feet of office, a green roof with a 5,000-square-foot deck, and parking for 30 bikes.


The site is currently home to roughly 10,000 square feet of unenclosed storage sheds, warehouses and open gravel bunkers, more than half of which were built by the Gravel Company, which has owned the parcel since the 1920s, without the benefit of any building permits.

11 thoughts on “Ruling Clears the Way for New Maker and Office Project”
  1. Great news. This is on the opposite site of the Recology lot from the CCA dorm project. The intersection of Berry and De Haro is one of the absolute worst when it comes to vagrant camps and the mounds of garbage. Too bad it won’t be residential, but office space is the next-best thing for neighborhood development and clean-up.

    1. agreed! Throw the [homeless] out, clean up the streets, and return this part of the city to the First World.

  2. 58 feet? Now that is a waste of good land; they could at lease double it, if not triple. And they want 600 feet at south van ness and Mission? Crazy planning.

  3. parking for 30 bikes? hope there is good bus service down to there, gonna invest in garage futures for my retirement portfolio.

    1. @eflat, Did you actually worked on the number for you investment? A one bedroom apartment can easily rent for more than $3000. How many parking spots do you have to rent to match this?

      @Brad, it is a myth that Potrero Hill is under-served by transit. This location can conveniently access to 19 and 10. 10 get you to FiDi in 15 minutes. Find me another neighborhood in San Francisco that is as convenient.

      1. But this is not Potrero Hill, so Brad’s statement is still valid even if it’s out of context. When you get further up the hill, Muni service is indeed spotty. The 10 runs too infrequently and its route to FiDi is circuitous, precisely because it’s routed through Showplace Square. A direct line down Mississippi and 7th St. to Market is sorely needed.

    1. If you live across the street, you live in a building that wasn’t there 10-15 years ago, which means you are part of the reason it’s “becoming a nightmare”.

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