390 1st Street Site

While the public hearing for the proposed 14-story development to rise on the northwest corner of First and Harrison, a prominent Rincon Hill parcel currently occupied by a Union 76 gas station, was pushed back until this afternoon, the project has just been granted an exemption from having to complete a lengthy Environmental Review and is slated to be approved.

390 1st Street Final Design

Dubbed “Modera” and designed by TCA Architects for Mill Creek Residential, the proposed 390 1st Street development totals 180 apartments (a mix of 57 studios, 50 one-bedrooms, 68 two-bedrooms and 5 three-bedrooms) with a small corner cafe and underground garage for around 90 cars.

390 1st Street Final Design

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sabbie

    I wonder what the City planners have envisioned for drivers in San Francisco who need gas for their cars, since every gas station will soon be turned into condos. All electric? Gas delivery apps? Not that I encourage the use of cars in the City, but just curious.

    • Posted by Just Me

      I though everyone here was all into “The Invisible Hand of the Market.”

      • Posted by Alai

        Only when it comes to housing for poor people!

    • Posted by soccermom

      Planners discourage private auto transport in favor of public and ride sharing options.

      • Posted by Sabbie

        Update: SFFD says gas delivery startups not allowed, LOL.

  2. Posted by gone on

    a beautiful bldg when seen from a drone or the 20th floor of something. The pedestrian/driver/mass transit rider’s view of this would not be quite as exciting. Or maybe as exciting as a box canyon in New Mexico. Should have done the EIR.

    • Posted by van nessident

      I can tell you that people aren’t walking around the 1st st Bay Bridge On Ramp for the view.

      • Posted by Alai

        Well, there’s this plan for a bike/ped path…

    • Posted by Orland

      Seems it must be tough to be stuck in some godforesaken where ever.

  3. Posted by james jr

    The gas station looks better.

  4. Posted by MP

    I guess that’s the end of the Jasper’s “living wall” of plants.

  5. Posted by Mike

    Count me in for the invisible hand. And I think Adam Smith is seeing that not a lot of people are going to need gas in years to come (I visit a gas station about every couple of months with my plug-in).

  6. Posted by Dr. House

    It seems like about half of the cars in SF during the day came over the bay bridge, so if there are fewer stations, hopefully it will transfer a lot of gas demand over there. Add to that everyone who commutes outward, to the peninsula or east bay, and that’s a lot of car owners who can more easily and cheaply fill up at the non-SF end of their commutes. As number of stations declines I expect that’s what we’ll see as people get impatient about waiting in line to fill up.

    It is especially hard though, on people who live and work inside the city, have a driving commute, and don’t have a reason to leave it regularly. This is still a good point and will continue to be as long as driving remains the only efficient way to travel across the city outside of a couple very small corridors properly served by a subway (BART, not Muni Metro joke)

  7. Posted by trevor

    SF is so spoiled. I live in Sacramento and there are maybe 2 gas stations in the entire downtown/ midtown grid encompassing approx. 650 square blocks. And Sac is a much more car oriented city.

    • Posted by Peej

      Actually there are five gas stations in the Grid (within the freeways). At least another 7 if you expand your definition to Alhambra and Broadway, and dozens more within a few miles.

      Kinda of a weird statement, that SF is spoiled for gas stations vs. Sac.

  8. Posted by keenplanner

    90 cars? Downtown? What a travesty!

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