45 Berryessa Way

Having hit the market for $4.2 million five months ago, “priced for somebody who really wanted the quirky 2,730-square-foot home rather than a developer or individual looking for a nearly 2-acre lot upon which to build a much larger Hillsborough house,” the asking price the iconic ‘Flintstone House’ at 45 Berryessa Way has just been reduced by 10 percent ($420,000) to $3.78 million.

As we wrote when the listing was briefly withdrawn from the MLS at the end of last year: “No official word on whether or not that strategy and concern for the home will remain in place next year.”

Or as we wrote when the house first hit the market: Tour The Iconic Flintstone House Before It’s Reduced To Rubble. Word.

13 thoughts on “$420K Price Cut for the Iconic Flintstone House”
  1. i think it’s rare to find someone who can and is willing to blow 4 million for “quirkiness”. maybe if i had 10 billion laying around then this could be bought as a joke to present to friends. but if you’re just a run-of-the-mill rich person and bought this you’d probably get a lot of embarrassment from your peers.

  2. Still terrible and in a terrible location. Was someone on drugs at one time? This is a “tear down” if ever there was one.

  3. The location, on a hill practically in one of the lanes of 280 freeway just doesn’t appeal to me, and the price of course is atrocious. It’s probably a halfway decent b&b candidate that you rent for the night as an experience but wouldn’t want to live there. But probably the neighbors would veto that if they haven’t already (hence put up for sale).

  4. Did the original owners of this thing die? I forget what the story is. It’s made for the wrecking ball & the price will continue to be lowered.

  5. Based on the comments above, there are no more interesting people left in the Bay Area, or at least who frequent Socketsite? When did this place become Orange County? Boring architecture for boring people.

    1. I like your comment about the Flintstone House. It shows that you’re interesting!

      I helped build this Joint! At that time, I also worked on one in the Mojave Desert. Those were interesting times. It was thinking (out of the Box) for sure!
      Lot of fun and hard work!

      Stay interested—Be interesting!!

      Tom Buckley
      Livin it up in Colorado!!

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