6 Quail Meadows Drive

On the market for $20 million in 2014, the ‘one-of-a-kind’ Woodside home at 6 Quail Meadows Drive was formally listed for $17.5 million early last year.

Withdrawn from the MLS in June and re-listed for $13.995 million in September, with ‘one’ day on the market and no reductions according to the official industry stats, the asking price for the 8,660-square-foot home with teak ceilings that reach 35-feet in height has just been reduced to an even $10 million.

6 Quail Meadow Drive Living

Built in 1989, the five-bedroom home and sits on three and a third landscaped acres, with a pool, patio, solar array, and paths around the gardens and grounds.

6 Quail Meadow Drive Aerial 2016 - 3

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    $10M seems to be dirt value so it will probably sell for over. Sadly if it does sell for dirt value the new owner might mow this nicely designed (albeit a little dated, but what design doesn’t age?) down and replace it with a standard tasteless faux Tuscan behemoth.

    • Posted by Stop Driving

      I’ve never looked at Filoli and said to myself: “Gee, that design sure is dated.”

  2. Posted by soccermom

    You could, without irony, park a DeLorean here.

  3. Posted by two beers

    This isn’t the real “Silicon Valley.”

    It was overpriced to begin with.

    The remodel was left unfinished.

    Not much of a view.

    The staging was sloppy.

    The yard is too small.

    There’s no parking.

    The photographer didn’t get the right angles.

    There’s too much crime in the neighborhood.

    It’s haunted.

    (what did I forget?}

    • Posted by Landru

      Flagstone planter boxes do not belong inside anyone’s home (I speak from experience).

    • Posted by Dave

      Not enough greenery. The dearth of trees.

      • Posted by Stop Driving

        It’s way too close to 280 and the carcinogenic air it creates.

        There are better homes nearby that cost less.

    • Posted by two beers

      oh, yeah:

      It was the wrong time of year.

      It was the weather.

  4. Posted by Sarah

    Woodside is the unfriendliest community for property owners who want to rebuild or remodel or make any improvements to their properties. Woodside’s Architectural Site Review Board (ASRB) is a nightmare. Woodside’s Planning Commissioners are irrational at best . If the planning commission can’t find any excuse in the Municipal Code to block a project, they turn down projects based on imaginary assumptions. It is not uncommon to see Planning staff roll their eyes when commissioners make irrational comments to make up an excuse to turn down projects.

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