6 Quail Meadow Drive Aerial

Quietly on the market asking $20 million last year, the “one-of-a-kind” Silicon Valley home at 6 Quail Meadow Drive in Woodside was formally listed for $17.5 million earlier this year.

6 Quail Meadow Drive Living

Built in 1989, the 8,660-square-foot home features both modernist and organic elements, including teak ceilings that reach 35-feet in height, with skylights and walls of windows that overlook three and a third landscaped acres and flood the home with light.

6 Quail Meadow Drive Master Bath

Withdrawn from the MLS in June, the home was re-listed for $13.995 million this morning with an official “one” day on the market and no reductions according to industry stats.

5 thoughts on “Another Two Comma Cut For A One-Of-A-Kind Silicon Valley Home”
    1. I think most of the houses getting Dwell-ified were pretty crappy to begin with. I know I’d rather live in a white box than most of the crappy old non-upgraded Victorians; I’m probably closer to the demographic that would actually buy something in this city than most preservationists.

      But this house is a total work of art. It uses wood and texture to produce an amazing effect. Not at all the same thing. Strangely, it reminds me of a couple of Peninsula synagogues I’ve been in.

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