6 Quail Meadow Drive Aerial

Described as “farm contemporary architecture” by the agent, but with modernist and organic elements throughout, the 8,660-square-foot home at 6 Quail Meadows Drive in Woodside has just been listed for $17.5 million.

Built in 1989, the five-bedroom home sits on three and a third landscaped acres, with a pool, patio, and paths around the gardens and grounds.

6 Quail Meadow Drive Living

Inside, the ceilings reach 35-feet in height, with skylights and walls of windows flooding the home (not including the rather lonely workout room) with light.

6 Quail Meadow Drive Master Bath

The property was first on the market, but never officially listed, for $19,998,000 last year.

16 thoughts on “Unexpected Architecture And Now Listed For $2.5M Less”
  1. It’s like someone took Frank Lloyd Wright and ran it through an ‘inoffensive corporate America’ filter.

      1. Wasn’t Fallingwater falling apart recently & had to be renovated? And I read on another cool place on the net that all of FLW’s homes & buildings had leaking roof issues. Ha. But he was a genius, an amazing genius. Watch that Ken Burns doc on him on netflix omg, what an eye-opener! Still, I love this stuff.

          1. Yeah, nice to look at and admire, not own. Much like European castles, beautiful estates and manors. The upkeep costs are astronomical.

            The Marin County Superior Court is also a FLW building. It looks like a 70’s spaceship IMO. The courtrooms are round, which is unusual. I remember when it rained, there were buckets to catch water inside the hallways.

  2. Tasteless and yet bland. Incongruous. I don’t know. The purpose of domestic contemporary architecture seems to be to eliminate domesticity and charm and replace them with spaces reminiscent of corporate or hotel lobbies.

    1. I think the inside is great, the outside is kind of bland. It seems that so many buildings have an awful outside, but inside are fantastic. In the past I think it was reversed, beautiful outside, awful inside.

  3. that bathroom(?) looks like the reception room of a well-funded liberal non-profit.

    living room looks like the yoga space the Sports Club LA at the 4 Seasons wishes they had.

    overall, I like it. someone will go for it. it’s laid out to be an entertainer’s home.

    1. That is a funny post. Though I have never been to any of those places you described, I know exactly what you mean.

      Is it what great architecture is supposed to be about? Evoke feelings and experiences greater than yourself. I was looking at meditation labyrinths and its simplicity in design allows for so many thoughts and feelings to come through. I guess the same goes for those Japanese rock and raking gardens.

  4. Imagine the space without all that wood. Not nearly as nice.

    More cavern than farm. Good for a ski lodge.

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