6889 Devon Way

The modern 14,000 square-foot Berkeley/Oakland Hills mansion which sits atop a ridge at 6889 Devon Way and is visible from Highway 24 has just traded hands for $20.5 million having been listed for $21 million early last year.

6889 Devon Way Facade

Built for Robert Felton, an OG tech entrepreneur and engineer, the four-bedroom home with a 2,000-square-foot living room took three years to complete and was inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

6889 Devon Way Living

The oversized 8-car garage below was constructed with massive steel beams to obviate the need for navigating pesky columns.

6889 Devon Way Garage

There’s a proper wine cellar for 2,500 bottles and a medieval-styled tasting room.

Solar panels heat the 60-foot lap pool.

6889 Devon Way Pool

And the property’s 46-kilowatt solar array can power most of the home’s electrical needs.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Moses

    Looks very “1990’s” for a “futuristic” home.

    • Posted by Elitist Pig

      Yeah, not sure what future it was but it probably passed us already. The overhead picture reminds me of Jabba the Hut’s Palace…

  2. Posted by AnonAnon

    At first I thought that was a lake behind the house but from satellite I see it is a massive parking lot, weird.

    • Posted by Matt in Uptown

      They’ve had large events there and the “parking lot” is more like something you’ll find at a Napa winery than BART.

  3. Posted by Notcom

    Berkeley/Oakland Hills? Looks like it’s solidly IN Oakland (unlike, say the Claremont Hotel which is Oakland, but accessible thru Berkeley). It’s already been sold, no reason to sex up the address to pander to the Nothing-good-ever-happens-in-Oakland Crowd (they can always satisfy themselves that it would have drawn 3X as much if it were on that fair western shore).

    • Posted by ColumbiaUniversityGrad

      It is in Oakland, the Claremont Hills neighborhood to be exact.

  4. Posted by jamesjr

    The living room looks like a giant echo chamber.

  5. Posted by Lurk Lurkerson

    Fugly tasteless dreck.

    • Posted by Elitist Pig

      Like someone with too much money and a designer willing to spend it…

  6. Posted by wsf

    You spend a $1M+ on the garage and you’ve got a 20 year old Lambo? This guy was living the 90’s dream…

    • Posted by Matt in Uptown

      How old is your Lambo?

      • Posted by Jimmy The House Flipper

        Some of those old ones are actually worth more than the new ones… perplexing, I know.

  7. Posted by AnonAnon

    Modern on the top, medieval on the bottom – it’s the mullet of expensive tech houses.

    • Posted by Wonker

      Ha – entry in best line of 2016!

    • Posted by BobN

      This site needs a thumbs-up feature.

  8. Posted by Futurist

    With money, a determined client, a hungry architect who opened a book on Frank Lloyd Wright and this is what you get.

  9. Posted by Wondering

    Looks like something George Lucas would try to build at Crissy Field.

  10. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Say what you want about the design but this is less than a million an acre. This place has more tangible, durable value than a comparable $20M city center unit perched on reinforced pillars hundreds of feet in the air.

  11. Posted by Mark F.

    I hope that if I ever have $20 million to spend on a house, I can do better this. It was “dated” a day after it was built. Not horrible, but not something that is aging well. Contrast this with many of the great English Country Homes.

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