1335-1339 Folsom Street Site

The plans to raze the Kung’s Trading Company building on the southeast corner of Folsom and Dore and construct a six-story structure on the site have been refined and are now one step closer to reality, having just been granted a neighborhood plan-based exception from having to complete an extensive environmental review.

1335 Folsom Street Rendering

As newly designed by Macy Architecture, the proposed 1335-1339 Folsom Street building will reach a height of 55-feet along Folsom, around 65-feet after a 15-foot setback, and step down along Dore.

1335 Folsom Street Rendering: Dore Street Elevation

And while the bulk of the Western SoMa development’s proposed 57 units remain “Single Room Occupancy (SRO)” apartments measuring between 360 and 395 square feet apiece, each with  its own bathroom and kitchenette, the plans now include four (4) smaller “hotel” rooms as well, which would allow for those rooms to be offered as short-term rentals or “Airbnb’d.”

In addition, the revised plans for the building now include a small 660-square-foot retail space at the corner of Folsom and Dore.  And rather than digging a basement with a storage room for 55 bikes, the new plans call for three smaller bike storage rooms spread across the first three floors of the building.

Assuming the demolition and building permits for the project are approved, the project sponsors envision breaking ground in 2016 and being ready for occupancy in 2017, with minimal excavation and a 15-month construction schedule.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by artmark

    Why would the floors get thicker towards the top?

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      It is probably just the window trim that is getting thicker.

      • Posted by BobN

        But the measurements from floor-surface to floor-surface grow as well. I assume it has something to do with reduced gravitational pull due to increased distance from the Earth’s core.

    • Posted by Zugamenzio Farnsworth

      I guess that would lend a more cornice-like look at the top….

  2. Posted by Torger Cobus

    Farewell to more SOMA night life.

    • Posted by Fishchum

      Kung’s Trading Company is a nightclub??

      • Posted by Torger Cobus

        No, but it is in close proximity to others.

        • Posted by Fishchum

          So? I still fail to see how this project reduces SOMA nightlife.

  3. Posted by Fishchum

    Didn’t London Breed sponsor legislation that would protect live music venues and nightclubs from neighbors’ complaints?

    [Editor’s Note: Legislation To Protect Clubs From Encroaching Condos.]

  4. Posted by NovyEncy

    You’re right, a yuppie might log a noise complaint at some point. The prudent thing to do is cancel this entire project.

  5. Posted by BayviewSF

    These are mostly small studios. The 4 aiabnb rooms seems illegal since airbnb regulation requires primary resident. How can you have a primary resident and airbnb a single room?

  6. Posted by seriously

    Will this be used to “move” some SRO units from a previous location or is this adding to the total number of SROs in SF? It seems like an unusual choice to want to add more, given their protected status and legal complications.

  7. Posted by Brian Beall

    sh*t f*ck damn — there goes Up Your Alley

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