1335-1339 Folsom Street Site

Plans to raze the Kung’s Trading Co. building on the southeast corner of Folsom and Dore and construct a seven-story residential building on the Western SoMa site are making their way through Planning.

The proposed building would reach a height of 65 feet and be configured with 67 “Single Room Occupancy (SRO)” units averaging 385 square feet apiece, just under the maximum unit size allowed for an SRO-type development and 45 percent larger than the 275-square-foot Western SoMa minimum.  Ten of the 67 proposed units will be Below Market Rate (BMR).

The ground floor plan for the building does not include any retail space but does include a community room/lounge and a 900 square foot rear yard for residents.  A basement will provide storage for bikes and the studios above.

And while the 1335-1339 Folsom Street project has yet to be approved, the paperwork for the building permits has already been filed and triaged.

15 thoughts on “Trading Kung’s For 67 SROs On Folsom Street”
  1. I hope the future residents know we put on a friendly neighborhood street fair there every September…

  2. What are the advantages of building an SRO over just small apartments or “micro-units” that seems so popular these days?

  3. no retail space = bad news for this hood. needs the eyes on the streets, needs the commercial activity – otherwise, build it!

  4. I would reject the building being proposed ,

    I would require that the 1st Floor being devote to Commercial and or Retail Space ,
    and would deem that SRO style housing does not fit the area ,
    Build housing on the 2nd floor and Up , but not as a SRO

  5. If I am not mistaken, SROs are allowed in SLI zones as of right, whereas apartments are not, so if the developer wants to build housing, SRO is the way to go. And by the way the Chicago Manual of Style says use an apostrophe on acronyms with periods or single letters but not on those without: (M.D.’s who get C’s live in SROs)

  6. I see nothing but conflict between the “new” residents of the proposed construction and the Powerhouse and leather community. It’s a bad idea for more dense housing to be built next to a gay bar. Too many people that are hostile to our community (and have no idea that the leather fetish street fairs exist) will move in and there will be physical conflict “fag bashings”.

    1. Au contraire. These SROs should appeal to a segment of the single gay population, convenient to the leather bars and the Folsom Street Fair. It would be more of a conflict if they were three bedroom apartments for families with children. Too bad there’s no parking at all. Are these people not expected to park a vehicle even when they move in or out? It shows the progressive anti-car obsession over practicality.

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