888 Turk Street

The Chinese American International School will soon begin renovating the two vacant buildings at 888 Turk and 930 Gough to create an auspiciously numbered “888 Campus” for their middle school students, assuming the school’s plans are approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission in two week.

Owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, the proposed renovation of the former church and clinic buildings includes the creation of classrooms and administrative spaces inside and a face lift of the exterior (see inset above).

The school’s 15-year lease will commence upon the planned occupation of the buildings at the start of the 2015-2016 school year and the Archdiocese has reported that they’re planning to use the revenue from the lease to provide financial aid for low-income students attending Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.

Speaking of occupying, the 888 Turk Street building was briefly occupied by a gaggle of Occupy SF protesters back in 2012, protesters who had planned to use the space to offer medical services, food and housing to the community.

We’ll note the corner parcel is zoned for residential development up to 80 feet in height but will likely remain a mostly two-story building until at least 2031.

4 thoughts on “Auspicious Plans, But Were The Occupiers On To Something?”
  1. I wonder if the Catholic Church is not the largest landowner in the world? It will be interesting to see how they develop some of their unused properties in the future. In cities like Chicago and New York they have made a small fortune selling the air rights above what they already own alone.

  2. Its about time this property be occupied by legitimate business rather than stay a blighted vacant piss n sh!t hole!

  3. they own a number of SF’s garages. they restructured ownership of them to protect them against “legal judgments”.

    between academy of art and the catholic church, that’d be some map of sf.

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