1335-1339 Folsom Street Site

As we first reported a few months ago, plans to raze the existing Kung’s Trading Co. building on the southeast corner of Folsom and Dore and construct a seven-story building on the site are working their way through Planning.

1339 Folsom Street Design

The proposed development would reach a height of 65 feet at 1335-1339 Folsom Street, with 67 “Single Room Occupancy (SRO)” units averaging 385 square feet apiece, a community room/lounge for residents on the ground floor along Folsom in lieu of any retail, and a basement for storage and bikes.

And while the project has yet to be approved, the paperwork for the building’s permits has been filed and they’re pushing to have the building finished by the end of 2016.

21 thoughts on “Designs And Timing For Proposed Folsom And Dore Development”
  1. Again, another future slum, once the crash comes, or should I say comes again as in 2000 and 80s.

    Why isn’t our wonderful Sup Kim doing anything to stop this

    1. Right, the crashes of 2000 and the 80s created some really terrible slums… although I can’t remember where they are exactly.

  2. Does “SRO” automatically translate as subsidized housing? Or could this be market rate “microunits?” Big difference.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. “Techie Slum” with food getting delivered around the clock. Starbucks and a hipster dive bar across the street. Walking distance to Costco. If it’s not expressly forbidden, I think market rates will prevail.

  3. Will the planning department accept the ground floor being used for a purpose other than retail when Folsom Street has long been planned to be South of Market’s commercial corridor? I hope they insist on retail on the ground floor.

    What are the ceiling heights and number of stories?

  4. all the naysayers on here are getting tedious. Small units DOES NOT MEAN SLUM. What it does mean is that 67 individuals will be able to be housed in their own homes. Think for a moment how many San Franciscan’s share living space, and would prefer a micro-unit to 3 roommates in a 1100 square foot apartment. This kind of project fills a need, for particular demographics of SF residents who are not adequately served now.

    I’m mildly disappointed that there is no retail, but honestly retail along Folsom is spotty in this stretch, and there will probably never be the need for a continuous stretch of retail here.

  5. I’ve lived in an about 350 square foot apartment for 43 years & have found it to be more than adequate for a single person. I have a small kitchen and bathroom. I would not call my apartment building a slum – units rent for $2,000 a month. Of course it does help that I have a 50 square mile view! The city needs a lot more of this size housing.

    1. yeah, eyeroll. Japanese suicide rate is twice our. Our violent crime rate is anywhere from 5 to 15 X theirs. Care to correlate that?

  6. Y’all should have attended the neighborhood meeting. From my view point the builder is proposing a quality development. A SRO or micro unit I don’t know the difference but all units have kitchens. This is not to be confused with a SRO hotel. It is great to see a builder build something affordable in the City. Commercial means bar?or restaurant? something I do not want to live over.

  7. Good point CC! Many builders are utilizing SROs as market rate, no longer the case of affordable housing. I have no problem with the micro units.

    This corner need substantial revitalization, and this project brings what is needed!! Good job on this part.

    Facade could be more colorful, other than that, glad to see something going on in that area.

    Forget about commercial space in that location, this is not retail area, and will not be for long time, whatever is planned, I don’t see commercial space making it. Make better use of it!

  8. Heh heh. Nothing like those 3 little letters to get people lathered up. I do wonder why there’s so much consternation about this smaller-than-other-condos project and not, say, THIS one nearby which has shared kitchens – yuck! I suppose it could encourage more restaurants & cafes opening in the area, as regretful inhabitants avoid their building’s “amenities”

  9. Only in SF will people have to pay huge sums of money for a microapartment half the size of public housing. This size is not acceptable for public housing but here it is acceptable for those who pay full price. This project is intended to ensure the area remains a slum. The size of the units should be increased to make them a decent living environment.

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